The Most Eco-Friendly Hotels in Las Vegas

The Most Eco-Friendly Hotels in Las Vegas

These days, being eco-conscious at home isn’t so tough. There are a range of more environmentally friendly products you can use such as toxin-free home cleaning products and even decor and accessories made from recycled materials. In fact, you can even build an entirely low-impact home, using materials that are local to the area (and therefore don’t have to be shipped in) and building in renewable energy with smart technology and solar panels that can benefit bothyou and the planet in the long run.

But when it comes to traveling outside of the home, things can seem a little more challenging. For tips on vacationing with a lower environmental impact while traveling away from home, one great resource is the Evening Standard, which reveals how to have an eco-friendly holiday. Before you hit the road, one of the best tips is packing light in order to make your method of travel more fuel-efficient. Another is eating local food rather than dining at tourist traps (which may have shipped familiar foods in). But one of the biggest and most important ways to minimize your carbon footprint when you travel is choosing an eco-friendly hotel.

Today, we’re highlighting one of the most popular cities in the world to travel, and one that’s also making one of the biggest efforts to offer more eco-friendly stays in the United States: Las Vegas, Nevada. Read on for a rundown of some of this exciting city’s most eco-friendly hotels.

Waldorf Astoria

The Waldorf Astoria is one of the newer hotels to hit Las Vegas but this Hilton International-run hotel is trying to set things off right with its commitment to being eco-friendly. As detailed on the Waldorf Astoria’s official website, the hotel is one of several under the Hilton banner to use the LightStay system of measurement which is a policy of sustainability to reduce the output of waste and CO2 at the hotel as well as promote energy and water efficiency. The 12,000 square foot hotel is smoke-free too, which benefits the planet as much as it benefits the health of its guests. Moreover, the hotel is also certified gold with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

As a hotel operating under the Hilton brand, guests at the Waldorf Astoria in Las Vegas can expect a luxury experience. But this isn’t compromised by the hotel’s eco-friendly status as its philosophy on being more environmentally friendly is taking “a conscious approach to hospitality that helps provide a better guest experience and a healthier planet.” The hotel also states that being eco-friendly is as important as the impeccable service that it provides, something that is impressing conscious consumers worldwide who are looking for a more meaningful travel experience.

Aria Resort and Casino

For something a little more lively (but no less eco-friendly), there’s the Aria Resort and Casino. The Aria hotel also has gold LEED certification (the second-highest possible grade), in part thanks to the fact that, not only does it use LEED-certified building materials, but the resort actually used 85% of the building that stood there before in a grand effort to reduce costs and lower energy consumption during construction. Additionally, it saves an estimated 50 million gallons of water with its low flow shower heads. Also, its food waste is reused by local farmers, its cooking oil is turned into biofuel to power the hotel, and its fleet of clean-burning natural gas limos reduce CO2 emissions by almost 30%!

It’s not just the hotel or its forms of transport that are all about sustainability though, as the Aria’s casino is eco-friendly too. Table games such as roulette are always an eco-friendly choice because, as Betway’s rundown of roulette rules explains, the game is one of the simplest casino pursuits and uses very little in the way of materials. Whether you’re playing European roulette or the American roulette style you’ll likely enjoy in Las Vegas, you’ll be playing that game on a roulette wheel that is made of wood and is powered by physics (the ability to spin) rather than electronics. However, if you do decide to use slot machines at the Aria, you should know that the base of these machines serve as air conditioning displacement ventilation units. So, you can game in a way that’s responsible to the planet, without compromising on your entertainment.

Vdara Hotel & Spa

For wellness treatments delivered in a sustainable way, the Vdara Hotel & Spa is definitely where it’s at. The hotel and spa is proud of its commitment to being eco-friendly, with the Vdara showing off these sustainability efforts on its website. These include high-efficiency water use and the use of wood from responsibly-managed forests. In fact, speaking of greenery, the Vdara even makes use of plants that are native to the area (and therefore don’t have to be shipped in) and are drought-tolerant so require a lot less water to thrive and look luscious around the year. This is especially important given that the region is prone to droughts.

The Vdara doesn’t compromise on its spa and wellness services, though. Its ESPA Spa uses ethical skincare products that are not only designed not to irritate skin but they are produced in an eco-friendly factory and packaged using resources such as biodegradable paper and glass, because it is more easily recycled. At Vdara, you get all of the excellent skincare you want, while still decreasing the damage to the planet.

More travelers are looking for a way to travel and enjoy their holidays in a sustainable fashion, shopping and spending in a way that reduces their carbon footprint without causing much (if any) damage to the Earth. According to Nielsen, more millennials are shopping sustainably too meaning that, on top of the environmental benefits, it’s also a great way for hotels to entice more customers. So, expect more resorts on the strip and beyond to embrace sustainability too.

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