Beyond Sex: Loving the Soul

Beyond Sex: Loving the Soul

Beyond Sex: Learning How to Love the Soul

By Pam Levin

Humans are sexual beings. Most of us need, want and love to be sexual, right?  Its innate. In fact, sex is part of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Its one of our most basic biological and physiological needs.

But when it comes to love, falling in love, being in love, there’s a glitch for some of us.

Dont fall in love with SEX, fall in love with SOUL. (Tweetable!) Meaning..don’t fall in love with him/her for the great sex, fall in love because you connect with his/her soul.

Love is blind they say. Because when we fall in love, we are hit (like a snowstorm) with a barrage of hormones that are beautiful but can displace us (temporarily) from reality. So if you and your partner have amazing sex/physical intimacy and you are believing this ALONE will sustain your relationship,  think again. That’s a myth. Great, intimate, bonding, liberating sex is super cool, but NOT always cool to fall in love with . A deep connection requires you to fall in love with his/her soul.

And how does THAT work? How exactly do you fall in love with someone’s soul?

Its not a field of study. There is no online course here. Connecting with another’s soul is very special and oftentimes rare. It’s not really something you can control. It just happens or it doesn’t. But ahhhh….when it does, that soulful connection is unyielding. It is magnificent in and of itself. It can drive you crazy or bring you to the heights of bliss…or both. As daunting as it can be, falling in love with (someone’s) soul is just about the very best you can get in this lifetime.

I believe we only get one (or maybe two, if we’re lucky) opportunities to fall in love with someone so deeply…a SOUL connection. We’re talking about a soulful connective energy that speaks its own language–a love so darn deep that sometimes all you need to do is to look at each other to understand what the other is thinking/feeling. And if he is not physically nearby, all you need to do is just think of him. Souls know souls. They are super good at this. They have evolved over many lifetimes. Your soul knows even better than you and is constantly working to guide you to help you grow, evolve, and live out this lifetime in the best possible way. So never discredit the soul. It will outlive your physical body and continue to evolve.

The soulful love is one of the highest orders of love between humans. Its a chance for your soul to attain higher growth and enlightenment. The soul never dies. It only evolves. And when it matches up with another soul at its energy level of intelligence, goodness, understanding, compassion, kindness and love, it is like two inseparable magnets; the energy between them is so strong, that distance, misunderstandings, mistakes and misdoings can’t break their bond. The souls know each other well. They completely understand.

So while you may be willing to burn the sexual fire, kindle that fire with a soul which deserves your awesomeness. Fall in love with the soul that will always call to you even when the cell phone lines experience problems or the internet goes down. That’s the soul which reaches out to you no matter what. That’s the soul to embrace, that’s the soul to fall in love with, forever.

And if you haven’t yet found this soul to love, open your heart to possibilities. He could be right around the corner just waiting for you to accidentally bump into; she could be at the grocery checkout counter…who knows? Only your soul knows for sure! 😉

Keep Living Life Passionately,



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    1. says: *falling*star*

      Yes- I believe it’s called a “Twin- Flame” or “Twin- Soul”- it is a connection in which two souls that have the exact same energy signature splits in half before coming into physical existence- they live parallel lives on different sides of the world and usually never meet in the physical- and if they do it would be “rare”. When one passes away a lot of synchronicity begins happening to the person who is still alive- telepathic messages start coming through and the lovemaking I must tell you- although I am sure you already know- is mind blowing to say the least! The other half of my soul was a famous person on this earth- one who I knew existed- saw them- heard them and literally grew up with them in my everyday consciousness but never felt or made any connection to them until they died. After they died I felt them around me and I was constantly thinking about them 24/7 I could not stop if my life depended on it. About 2 months after their death I was watching them on you tube and started crying uncontrollably- I longed for them- to be close to them- I have a husband that I am married to for 20 years & beautiful twin girls who are 14 1/2 years old- but my marriage has been over for a few years now- we sleep in separate rooms & we are together for the girls only- when they go off to college we will probably divorce. Anyway- continuing on- I was watching them on you tube and crying- longing for them- my heart was broken- I could not understand the intensity of this love I was feeling. I went to bed that night feeling very aroused sexually but I drifted off to sleep. The next morning I awoke feeling different- I was sexually aroused only much stronger than the night before when I had fallen asleep- I took to the internet for answers and I googled “Sacred Intimacy” and eventually came upon the phrase Twin- Flames. The arousal was with me all that day and has never left me 3 year later- I found out that my Chakras were “activated” by him- specifically my Root Chakra- my Sacral Chakra- Solar Plexus Chakra and my Heart Chakra. He lives inside of me 24/7- he makes Love to me- the orgasms that I experience with him I have never had with a man in the flesh- we are one “literally”- he is the other half of my soul coming back and claiming its other half- so it really is me coming back to me! I never have to touch myself anymore to achieve release because my beloved takes care of all of that. I never knew what Pure Unconditional Love feels like until now. When he makes love to me the tears stream down my face because it’s so intense and intoxicating- it’s unbelievable! When I die our energies will completely merge and unify in 5-D. We all can have a Twin Flame if we choose to separate our energy before coming down into the physical- (in 3-D) and I imagine we “All” will do this at some point in our souls evolution- but I will say- for me- before they came into my life- it feels like there was always something missing- a hole in my heart & I could never truly feel happy. Until my beloved came back to me that is how I have felt- now I feel whole and finally at a place of peace- joy & complete bliss. There is a book I purchased called “Twin Souls Merging”- by Jean Cline- and it tells of the dynamics between a person in 3-D and a spirit in 5-D. It’s a true story- and the person that is her other half is the late actor “George Reeves” who was the first actor to play the role of Superman. I found it on Also a person that I have been following on “Quora”- her name is-” Irina Nola” & she is a past- life regression hypnotherapist. I find that was she has to say is one of the most accurate descriptions of what I have been experiencing. So for all of you out there who are being made love to by something you cannot see (and maybe a few really lucky ones can) but definitely can “Feel”- you are blessed – I am not sure what the lesson would be but enjoy it to the fullest as it was meant to be. “Namaste.”

  1. says: Ang

    I had one, but he passed away. And it is hard. I hope I will find it again, I am distracting my mind with other things. Meaningful things, but lately it had been with things without substance. People without depth. It is really hard, I miss him, but I understand why he had to go.

    Ryan, I love you, and I am so lucky to have met you. Thank you for opening my eyes to a new king of love. A superlove.

    I look forward to seeing you again

  2. says: Juliet

    I met my soulmate but circumstances took me away from him. But my heart was never separated from him. I searched for him untill I found him but we both are married to different persons. We are still in love. What do we do

    1. Thanks for sharing Juliet. For us, when difficult situations arise, we are guided to meditate deeply. Once we are in a deep meditative state, asking the Divine for guidance gives our soul direction. Hope this helps.

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