10 Ways to Spend More Quality Time with Friends

10 Ways to Spend More Quality Time with Friends

Even with all of the modern conveniences that are designed to save time and make our lives easier, we tend to be busier than ever before. Time that we may have spent enjoying time relaxing with family and friends seems to be almost non-existent. Studies have shown that spending time with friends is important. Socializing and interaction with others help you to reduce stress and relax you. The great part about being with your bestie or a group of friends is a great form of therapy that doesn’t necessarily need to cost you a thing!

Here are seven ways to help you spend more quality time with good friends in ways that are fun help you to reconnect with each other.

Go for a walk in  

Whether you are taking a walk in the park, walking around the block or doing a bit of window shopping, walking and talking can help relax you and cement the bond between you and a friend. Make it a regular habit to walk together and notice the changes in the seasons. If the two of you are feeling particularly adventurous, consider taking a hike or camping trip at a state national park.

Have a casino night

Schedule a night for one friend or several to get dressed up and go out together to the local casino or bingo hall. Or if you want to go casual, you can even play bingo at your favorite hangout or in the comfort of your own home. Few things are better than being together where you feel most comfortable. Playing online bingo games is lots of fun and you might even win a bit of extra cash, too!

Work out together

Having a friend next to you in the gym while you’re on the treadmill, or in a yoga or Pilates class can help keep you focused and motivated while still spending quality time together. It can also help to keep you both in great shape!

Spend a spa day together

Taking the time with your friend to get a massage, a facial, manicure or pedicure at your favorite salon or spa can make you both feel pampered. You and your friend will feel fantastic after having all of the stress and knots massaged right out of you. You can even make it a regular weekly or monthly date.

Increasing Wellness with CBD oil

People usually use CBD oil because they want to feel better in some way,  and doing this with people you care about can be a great way for you and your favorite group of friends to relief stress, tiredness and simply relax.

One of the best and healthies ways to ingest CBD oil is by using a dry-herb vaporizer, or using different types of vape pens.

Take in a lecture together

Universities, community colleges and public libraries often schedule talks which are open to the public on a wide variety of topics. Many are free or can be attended for a small fee. Imagine being able to hear your favorite director, actor or author talk about their latest project! Or you may learn about a particular topic that sparks a whole new passion of your own.

Cook a meal together

One of the best ways to bond with friends and family is to plan, prepare and eat a meal together. Add a bottle of your favorite beverage and great conversation, and you’ll want to make it a regular event.

A cup of tea with friends

Tea has tremendous health benefits – so go ahead and drink a cup of herbal tea with your friends who enjoy taking time to sit and relax together. Book a tea time at your favorite local tea house, or brew your own favorite blend and invite your friends over for biscuits and cucumber sandwiches for a fancy high tea celebration.

Volunteer Together

Serving others is always good for the soul, so look around and you will find no shortage of charities and organizations that can always use a little help. Volunteering at a local soup kitchen, homeless, or woman’s shelter will not only feel good, but it can be a great way for you and your friends to spend quality time together while helping out those in need.


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