Watch: Find Your Zen at Tassajara’s California Hot Springs

The Sound of Zen at Tassajara

On this episode of Conscious Living, we visit the nation’s oldest Zen Monastery, Tassajara, located deep in the Ventana Wilderness of California’s Los Padres National Forest. Open to the public for just a select few months each year, this healing mecca has been attracting spiritual seekers, wellness enthusiasts and meditators since the 1960s. Year after year, they keep coming back for Tassajara’s delicious vegetarian food, natural hot springs and restful silence. Take your own magical journey to Tassajara- watch this episode.

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  1. says: Nancy

    How PERFECT to hear from you NOW. Today I was trying beet greens for the first time and desperately wanted my copy of your wonderful cookbook (my copy, from the 1980s). It’s GONE. The beet greens were okay, but I could have used your inspiration.

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