We Are Conscious Living

Conscious Living celebrates the courageous journey of becoming a more mindful human.

Through the misadventures, insights and personal experiences of its Emmy nominated hosts – Bianca Alexander, a black yoga teacher and attorney, and her husband Michael, a white vegan chef and energy medicine practitioner – Conscious Living offers a non-judgmental framework for viewers to consider a more holistic lifestyle. The duo’s yin-yang dynamic provides unexpected conflict and humor that is essential to the dichotomous journey of awakening.

This season, the hosts trek through garbage dumps exposing the inequalities of the Indian caste system, heal ancestral trauma, PTSD and anxiety with alternative modalities, confront the impact of patriarchy and white supremacy on indigenous cultures, uncover the timeless beauty of net zero design, and dare to travel the world as vegans in search of the best plant-based cuisine on the planet. As the hosts travel vulnerably to both inner and outer parts unknown, they authentically grapple with their own struggles inside of race, gender, inequality, climate change, spirituality and mental health, and serve as shamanic journeymen for viewers looking to awaken to a more mindful life. Through a lighthearted lens, Conscious Living offers viewers a compassionate roadmap for bettering themselves, their communities and the planet.

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“You must not let your life run in the ordinary way; do something that nobody else has done, something that will dazzle the world. Show that God’s creative principle works in you.” ― Paramahansa Yogananda

Bianca Alexander: Host, Executive Producer

Bianca is the host and executive producer of Conscious Living. Bianca graduated from Princeton University with a B.A. in Spanish and French languages and literature and then the University of Virginia Law School, which primed her for a successful career as a Hollywood entertainment attorney. After stepping in front of the camera to host cable TV shows on Lifetime and TV One, Bianca later combined her passion for media and social justice to launch Conscious Living with her husband, muse and business partner Michael.

A few years later, she won an Emmy for her role as “Outstanding On-Camera Correspondent” on Conscious Living’s original series, Soul of Green, a lifestyle news program about urban sustainability airing on Fox. Bianca is also an award-winning fellow of the Association of Health Care Journalists and USC’s Annenberg School of Health Journalism. Bianca was nominated for a Daytime Emmy in 2022 as “Outstanding Host” of Conscious Living on PBS.

Bianca’s devoted to creating a more just and sustainable fashion industry, and has served as a founding board member of Fashion Revolution USA and executive producer of several headlining eco-fashion runway shows across the U.S.

A passionate wellness advocate, Bianca is also a certified yoga instructor, second-degree Reiki master, eco-artist and certified plant-based nutritionist. From daily meditation, sporting ethical fashion and following a vegan diet while documenting the best healing travel around the world, she’s committed to the lifelong journey of mindful living. In addition to her work on Conscious Living, Bianca has contributed to many mindful publications, including Spirituality & Health Magazine.


Michael Alexander: Executive Producer, Host

For the last 25 years, Michael has served as a passionate advocate for healthy, sustainable and mindful living. A Phi Beta Kappa graduate in economics from the University of California-Davis, Michael parlayed a successful career as a holistic health entrepreneur into his work as an award-winning health journalist, filmmaker, certified plant-based nutritionist and co-author of the e-book The Conscious Living 10-Day Detox.

Along with his wife and creative partner Bianca, Michael co-founded Conscious Living. As the executive producer and co-host of the show, Michael has overseen the show’s journey from a digital web series to a global broadcast television show airing on platforms like PBS and Amazon Prime. A self-taught editor and filmmaker, he has also served as principal photographer and editor of Conscious Living, bringing stories of health, sustainability and practical spirituality to hearts and minds across the globe. Michael was nominated for his first Daytime Emmy in 2022 as “Outstanding Host” of Conscious Living on PBS.

Michael is also a seasoned event and fashion show producer who has produced and directed two Conscious Living documentaries – the PBS feature The Cure, about the outdated standard of care for breast cancer that followed three courageous women facing the disease; and Bhakti Behind Bars, which went behind prison walls to film the work of a small band of inspiring bhakti yogis providing love and compassion to America’s forgotten souls through yoga.

After 25 years on the cutting edge of biological and complementary medicine as a patient, Michael is committed to healing the emotional pain body caused by countless generations of colonialism and patriarchy. Inspired by saints of all religions, including noted yogi Paramahansa Yogananda, Michael has been an avid yoga practitioner for the last 20+ years.