Peace, Love, Yoga: Lovelight Festival

“The paths are many, but the truth is one.” -Yogi Swami Satchidananda

Lovelight Yoga and Arts Festival: A 3-Day Transformational Event Celebrating Enlightenment and The Arts | August 26-28, 2016

DARLINGTON, MD  – Legendary Woodstock ’69 Festival producer Michael Lang, yoga music Artist Wynne Paris, and award winning event planner Kimberley Maddox are pleased to announce that The Lovelight Yoga and Arts Festival took place this summer at Camp Ramblewood in Darlington, Maryland.

“We are very excited to debut an event that celebrates yoga, music, and art in such a unique way!” says Wynne Paris. “The purpose behind Lovelight is to create a beautiful setting where all three of these elements can be experienced and shared with the whole family. It is a place for great energy, kindness, inspiration, and growth!”

Headlined by Kirtan icon Krishna Das, Yoga pioneer Dharma Mittra, spiritual troubadour Trevor Hall and transformational fest faves Desert Dwellers, the line-up is designed to praise the evolution of yoga and spirituality – from the grassroots of the 60’s counterculture, through the modern yoga studio culture and into the emerging Transformational Arts movements. The Lovelight festival is packed full of musical performances, yoga classes, theme camps, drum circles, unique vendors, art installations, workshops, sacred fire, wholesome libations and high vibrations.

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The Lovelight Yoga and Arts Festival is an interactive environment created to enlighten, empower, and encourage expression and participation. It is a place where the line between performer and participant is blurred. Extensive programming will also be offered for the young and future yogis, with a special area for families to camp together! Attendees will also enjoy an array of organic food, featuring a vegetarian cafeteria catered by Indian chefs and a “Garden of Eating” food vendor area, where local food and drink vendors will offer 24-hour service.

“We’re so thrilled to create a space that combines so many different positive influences and inspiring people!” says Paris. “Already, we’ve started receiving wonderful responses and feedback through social media, confirming the need for such an uplifting environment.”

The Lovelight festival is also part of Integral Yoga’s 50th anniversary and celebrates the values of the Woodstock generation! Swami Satchidananda and Michael Lang introduced yoga to the flower generation and then the mainstream U.S. population back in 1969 when the enlightened Integral Yoga Guru opened the festival with a blessing and a dharma talk. Special ceremonies, movies and workshops at the fest were curated by Integral Yoga.

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The Meaning of the Lovelight Festival: A Meditation

The Lovelight Yoga and Arts Festival is a wholly interactive environment wherein the goal is to enlighten and empower as well as encourage expression and participation. At Lovelight, the line between performer and participant is blurred; the Lovelight community is so rich with talent and wisdom, everyone plays a part in a cosmic passion play that creates inspiration, knowledge and brotherhood. We share the light inside of us and know that we are warmed by the light in others.

Lovelight is a festival wherein all the world’s a stage. Rejoice in the human experience and inspire personal growth through exchanging information, artistic expression, and random acts of kindness. All attendees are encouraged to perform and share their art with radical participation.  Our mission is to celebrate and share the Lovelight in all of us.

The talent and entertainment is organized by the Lovelight staff, to ensure a safe environment and a wide range of offerings that facilitates equal access and opportunities for all. The organizing team has provided a canvas on which the Lovelight community creates a collage made of wisdom, inspiration, tolerance, and growth. Lovelight is a place to highlight and strengthen that which we practice every day and deeply cherish: kindness, creativity, and acceptance of those who may walk a different path but seek the same destination— as the great Integral Yogi Swami Satchidananda said ‘The paths are many, but the truth is one ‘.

For more information about next year’s event or to purchase tickets, visit For event updates and additional announcements, follow the Lovelight journey on Facebook.







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