Video: Triple Bottom Line-The Rise of the B Corp

As history tells it, the renaissance was led by a small group of less than 1,000 committed individuals.  Similarly, non-profit think-tank BLab, along with a group of 315 talented entrepreneurs, is evolving the way the world does business.

By certifying companies who meet rigorous triple bottom line criteria as ‘B’ (for benefit) Corporations, B Lab is helping socially responsible businesses stay true to their mission. In addition to making the world a better place through social, environmental, and humanitarian initiatives, B Corps also mean business: collectively, they are generating $1.5 billion in annual revenues across 54 different industries. This spring, Maryland and Vermont were the first two states to pass Benefit Corp legislation.  In 2001, several other states are scheduled to follow suit.

To learn more about B Corporations, watch the premier episode of Triple Bottom Line, featuring real-life success stories of three B Corps spanning the country, including California-based fair trade clothing company Indigenous Designs D.C.’s conscious cafe chain, Busboys & Poets, and Chicago green event company Pivotal Production.

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