A Maker’s Holiday: DIY Gifting

Tired of being pushed to buy more this holiday season? Instead of going shopping, join thousands of conscious consumers around the world for MAKE SMTHNG Week (#makesmthng), an international festival dedicated to making beautiful things. Presented by environmental advocacy non-profits Greenpeace and Fashion Revolution, the simple goal of the campaign is to encourage consumers to make more and buy less.

Traditional shopping days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday and bargain basement flash sales are part of a hyper-consumption binge culture that’s led to the production of over 100 billion garments a year, with up to 40% going unworn or discarded. This seasonal shopping frenzy creates tremendous waste, pollutes the planet and damages our culture. It encourages consumers to keep buying more and more, and to discard items as quickly as we acquire them.

The time for change is now. The goal of the campaign is to create a massive shift in how we approach holiday consumption and gift-giving. It aims to promote conscious alternatives to consumption by inspiring a movement of makers, not buyers. During the week and the entire holiday season, consumers are encouraged to make the most of what they already own by making, sharing, caring for and repairing goods themselves, transforming them and their lives into something new and awesome. According to campaign spokespersons Chiara Campione of Greenpeace Italy and Orsola de Castro from Fashion Revolution, their hope is to “encourage citizens to fall in love with stuff they already own, take better care of their clothes, demand quality in the products they buy and in the lives of the people who make them.”

With over 200 events in 28 countries and six continents, MAKE SMTHNG Week is taking place in cities around the world where makers will be coming together for vegan baking, to mend clothes, fix electronics, build toys, upcycle, grow their own food, make their own cosmetics and cleaning products, go plastic-free, aim for zero waste, and share clothes, bikes and homes with one other. It’s a great opportunity to share skills, knowledge and experiences and to discover and build new ones. By getting consumers excited about living more sustainably by repairing, reviving and mending what they already have, MAKE SMTHNG Week hopes to heal our consumer-driven culture that prioritizes shopping over resourceful craftsmanship and spending quality time with family and friends.

Join the Makers Movement!

You, too can say goodbye to mindless consumption this holiday and demonstrate your power to innovate towards a more resourceful way of life. Create something with your own hands, swap or repair old clothes with friends, or do some vegan baking. Make your voice heard! Share your experiences, snaps, skills or knowledge with other makers by following the campaign on instagram @makesmthng. Tag posts featuring your great projects and experience with #makesmthng and your work could be featured. To learn more tricks and tips on new ways to make more of what you’ve got right at home, or to learn more about the campaign, visit makesmthng.org.


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