Low-Impact Home Building

Are you Building A Home? Learn How To Reduce The Impact On Environment

Building a home is a fantastic experience, but it’s also a very well-developed industry all over the world. The main problem is represented by the type and quantity of materials people use to create their dream establishments. Indeed, a home must be comfy and durable, but this doesn’t mean we can’t reconsider our construction choices.

Did you know that even one single active building site has a powerful effect on the environment? Considering that in the US alone, in 2014, there were started over 1.06 million new housing units, you can only imagine the effect on the global environment. Even more, new buildings can affect the biodiversity around the site, and this is a lot more difficult to recreate. Also, keep in mind that a building affects the environment over its full life cycle through various maintenance processes and other activities.

So, if you want to be conscious of your effect on the environment, you should consider building in an ecologically-sustainable manner. What does this mean?

Try to use local materials

By using materials that can be found locally, you eliminate the need for transportation. Also, by using techniques and procedures well-known by local professionals you reduce the need to bring in new machinery and processing tools.

One other way to significantly reduce the abuse of the environment is to recycle materials. For instance, if you tear down a house, you could save good floorboards, bricks, window frames, pieces of the roof that can be reused in the new home.

Besides the reclaimed lumber, you should always select materials like recycled glass and plastic or natural fibers like cork or bamboo. This way, you reduce the waste and the cost of the new building.


Eco-friendly materials

Once the building is up, elements like windows, floors, ceilings, doors, and more will have to be installed. In this case, everyone prefers a durable material that also provides warmth and texture. The perfect answer is wood, but if everyone would choose it, where would our forests go?

That’s why is important to find a producer whit respect towards the environment. For instance, windows and doors from Hugo Carter are produced using biodegradable and renewable materials. Even more, their solutions are extremely easy to maintain along their entire life cycle so they won’t affect the environment more than is necessary.

Think about maintenance

Even though the home is nothing more than a blueprint, the owners must think about the environmental impact for years to come. For instance, installing energy efficient windows, considering solar panels, and systems that harvest rainwater will help in reducing the overall energy consumption.

Even though solar systems are still quite expensive, in the long run, they will prove their efficiency.

Since we’re on the topic of energy consumption, the insulation used on the house is paramount. We consume about 50% energy on heating and cooling the house. However, because of improper insulation, the amount of energy consumed can be higher. This has a direct impact on the environment so, making sure the insulation is properly installed will also reduce your home’s print in nature.

It’s very important to be environmentally conscious because our actions today will reflect on generations to come. We have the moral obligation to leave our descendants a green, beautiful planet!




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