Modern Gadgets for Your Elderly Loved Ones

Modern Gadgets for the Independent Elderly

“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” This adage couldn’t be more incorrect. If you have an aging parent or other elderly loved one, juggling their care and your hectic work and social calendar can be quite the challenge. Helping your aging family member or friend remain independent is better for their health and yours in the long run, and incorporating modern gadgets into their living space can streamline daily life you both. Consider investing in one of the following modern gadgets and set your elderly loved one up for independence—and give yourself peace of mind that they’re well-equipped to handle whatever life throws at them, even when you can’t be there.


  • Voice Clarifying Television Headset


Watching television alongside an elderly loved one can be frustrating for both parties; when it’s the perfect volume for you, it’s way too quiet for them. When it’s the right volume for their listening pleasure, it’s blaring your eardrums. That’s where a voice clarifying television headset comes in. This headset clarifies spoken words, making it easy to understand dialogue without turning the volume all the way up. The best part? Since the headset’s volume operates independently of the television, your loved one can set the volume to his or her preference without disturbing anyone watching with them.


  • Elliq Active Aging Companion


ElliQ is an AI-driven social robot, created to help the elderly remain active and engaged. The technology suggests activities and makes it simpler for your aging loved one to get in contact with family and friends. This amazing technology suggests personalized activities at opportune times, ensuring your loved one stays sharp and active throughout the day. Its intuitive system means even the most technology-challenged individual can access its benefits.


  • Roomba


Keeping the house spick and span is important, and a Roomba lets your aging loved one clean up without lifting a finger. This robotic vacuum cleaner uses sensors to traverse through the home, adapting to surroundings while picking up pet hair, crumbs, dirt, and dust.


  • Temperature-activated Flow Reducer


You’d be surprised at how easy it is to get burned in the shower, when water that was a comfortable warm suddenly turns scalding, your aging loved one may have a tough time shutting it off—and get severe burns in the meantime. Avoid this catastrophe with a temperature-activated flow reducer, which automatically reduces water flow through the showerhead to a trickle if water temperature exceeds set temperature of 117 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Automated Pill Dispenser


As we get older, many of us require a plethora of medications and vitamins to stay strong. If your elderly loved one has a complex medication regimen, ensure they stay on track with an automatic pill dispensing service.


  • Illuminated Toilet Seat


When nature calls in the middle of the night, make sure your elderly loved one can navigate their way and find the facilities with easy. Illuminated toilet seats, activated by motion sensor, serve as the ultimate practical tool in the bathroom. The dual LED lighting on Kohler’s Nightlight provides just enough light for guidance–without disturbing nighttime vision and throwing off their REM cycle, meaning they get better sleep while still answering nature’s call.


  • Medical Alert System


Safety is always first, especially when it comes to an elderly loved one. While your aging parent may still be independent and living on their own, it’s important to ensure their safety when you’re not around. The best medical alert systems for seniors are equipped with GPS tracking, fall detection, and of course, emergency alerting services that can call for help when needed. This is one gadget that offers the ultimate in peace of mind, both for you and for your loved one.

Keeping an aging parent or elderly relative happy and safe is priority number one, and with these modern gadgets, you can ensure they have the tools they need to navigate their days and nights more independently.

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