Coffee Drinking Cities: More Eco?

A new study has found the U.S. cities with the highest concentration of coffee shops are also more likely to be home to businesses that have adopted eco-friendly practices.

Western cities have the highest concentration of coffee shops, making up 8 of the top 10 cities (6 of those 10 being the state of WA). To determine the list of top cities for green adopters, Infogroup used data from its Green Adopters (GA) for businesses, which identifies B2B prospects that are most likely to adopt eco-friendly measures on a scale of 0 to 5 (with 5 being most likely).

While not all cities have a mutual affinity for coffee and recycling, nine of the top 10 coffee cities possess an above average GA score, (2.5 GA, ranked from zero to five, with zero being least likely), and six of the top 10 rank inside the top 100 greenest cities in the study.

Santa Monica, CA, was found to be the number one coffee shop hub in America and Seattle, WA, the birthplace of Starbucks, was found to be the top Green Adopter of the list, and ranked seventh out of all 728 cities in the study.

Top 10 coffee-drinking cities in the U.S.:

  1. Santa Monica, CA – 5.1 coffee shops per capita; 3.6 GA score
  2. Redmond, WA – 4.9 coffee shops per capita; 4.3 GA score
  3. Everett, WA – 4.5 coffee shops per capita; 3.9 GA score
  4. Medford, OR – 4.4 coffee shops per capita; 4 GA score
  5. Vancouver, WA – 4.2 coffee shops per capita; 4 GA score
  6. Sarasota, FL – 4.1 coffee shops per capita; 2.4 GA score
  7. Seattle, WA – 4.1 coffee shops per capita; 4.4 GA score
  8. Auburn, WA – 4 coffee shops per capita; 3.7 GA score
  9. Minneapolis, MN – 3.9 coffee shops per capita; 3.5 GA score
  10. Bellingham, WA – 3.9 coffee shops per capita; 4.2 GA score

Don't see your city listed here? If your hometown's dragging its feet in adopting sustainability as a way of life, consider bringing an espresso maker to your next city council meeting. Better yet, it may be time to start that fair trade neighborhood coffee shop you've always dreamed of.

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