How to Use Affirmations to Create Success

The Power of Affirmations to Create Success

By Nadia Tene for I AM

If greater happiness, personal freedom and success are your goals, you can accelerate your progress greatly by undertaking a few simple exercises.  Learn how you can take steps towards improving your life immediately by following the below advice.

Defining Your “What” and “Why”

Step 1: Ask yourself what exactly it is that you want in life.

During this step, it is important to take some time to meditate about your goals. Think about your future and what you want it to look like. Put your vision down on paper without stopping. These are motivating visions of what the end result will bring into your life.

Here is an example: I want to earn enough money and develop the connections that I need to start my business, move into a better home, leave an abusive relationship, achieve greater freedom and success and, ultimately, live out my dreams in Bali.

Step 2: Ask yourself why you want it?

After you have your goal in mind, think about why you want to achieve those goals. Isolate and examine the top three reasons. This will give you momentum and deeper self-awareness, along with greater excitement about your dreams and more insight into the things you truly care about.

Here’s a secret: What we care about is actually who we are. Don’t underestimate the power of “why.” People don’t care about you until they know what you care about. Your “why” is your “I.”

Correlate Your Feelings and Your Wants

Now that you have your “what” and “why” defined, let’s try another exercise. This technique was taught to me by Ted Nicholas, a very successful entrepreneur who has achieved more than one billion dollars in sales as a professional copywriter and marketer.

Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. On the left side, write “How do I feel?” On the right side, write “What do I want?”

Then, without stopping, write how you feel down the left column. Be entirely honest and flow freely onto the page, even if it means writing about struggles and hardships. Remember to include empowering feelings, too. Repeat this same step in the other column by writing what you want down the right-hand side of the page. When you are finished, compare the two sides of the page and try to draw a correlation between the two. The insight you gain may surprise you.

Try this once or twice a week for a month and see how your goals and feelings evolve. Some dedicated and successful followers even utilize this technique every day.

The Power of Letting Go and Letting In

This next exercise is truly a breakthrough approach to rapid transformation. I learned this technique from Dianne Hilliard, an early spiritual influence in my life. Dianne was introduced to me back in 2000 through Athena Raphael, my very first spiritual mentor. It’s a three-part exercise that involves writing and then speaking your written affirmations out loud. It goes like this:

I AM letting go of “X” and now living in “Y.” That means “Z.”

Here’s an example:  “I AM letting go of anger and disappointment and now living in love and appreciation for all that I have. That means I wake up every morning hopeful and excited about the new day to come.”

The idea is to first empty the cup and then fill it with empowering and positive affirmations. We have the tendency to hold on to attitudes and beliefs that no longer serve us and may even hinder our greater success. This exercise gives us the verbal permission to release those attitudes and allow greater joy and abundance into our lives. It allows you to become fully alive, awake and aware of all the possibilities and opportunities life now has to offer.

Accelerate Your Success

These final exercises are accelerators that will help you rapidly attain your goals.

First, go about your day acting as though you have already achieved your desired outcome. This will help to magnetize your desires. After all – what you expect, you project.

Next, surrender with faith and detach yourself from any particular outcome. By dwelling on a situation or stressing over a result, we allow it into our lives without “trying” to do so.

Both of these efforts encourage the power of allowance through assertion and behavioral embodiment. Your state shifts into a presence of allowing and deservingness, as you let things unfold in their natural cosmic order. Consider it acting into being – or faking it ‘til you make it.

This technique has proven effective in my own life. Before I opened up my wellness center, I told everyone for five years that I was opening my wellness center. I lived and breathed wellness centers. Magically, it came into being and is still thriving to this day.

I’ve learned that it’s all about your energy state and readiness to receive the good things in life. It’s also equally as important to shed attachments to detractors, negative people, undesirable feelings and beliefs that limit your success. Try experimenting with these exercises daily for at least 10 days, and remember to write down your feelings. You should notice shifts and subtle transformations begin to unfold as more miracle moments slip into your life.


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