Africa’s Zero-Carbon Fair Trade Factory

By Ecouterre

Now that it’s been greenlit by Fair Trade U.S.A., Wildlife Works can formally claim the title of Africa’s first—and so far only—carbon-neutral and fair-trade clothing factory. The certification is only the tip of the company’s environmental stewardship, however. Founded in Kenya in 1997, Wildlife Works is the world’s leading Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation—or REDD+ for short—enterprise to use market-driven solutions to protect forests, wildlife, and communities. “We are so proud to be Fair Trade–certified,” Daniel Munyao, production and quality control manager at the Wildlife Works EPZ factory, says in a statement. “Knowing that consumers choose to purchase Fair Trade–certified products motivates us to continue creating quality garments that help our rural community here grow, without having to resort to poaching or harmful harvesting.”



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