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By Oreeko

Planning a quick business or holiday trip in Washington D.C.? Give your visit to the capital of the USA a simple & meaningful eco twist by choosing a few sustainable & green activities and by trying some organic restaurants. I’ve highlighted just a few options for you (below).

I was there last September for a special green music event: The Green Piano. My husband Chris (http://www.calcatelli.com) improvised at the piano live over the web for 8 hours in a row. Nearly 10,000 people followed the event. This concert was the result of a dare connected with WWF’s & Earth Hour’s “I Will if You Will” project. You can read more about it here.

After all event-related tasks & errands were completed, we only had a day to visit the city. Here’s what we did!

Walk without a purpose

Washington is popular for its endless movies and TV shows (think ‘Scandal’… loving it :P) and its historical monuments. Walk freely around the Capitol Hill area, heading towards the Lincoln Memorial. There’s a nice, relaxing green vibe. And for some intrigue, check out those benches you always see in political thriller movies: maybe there’s some undercover operation going on! :)

Early morning exploration

We woke up at 6am and went downtown to Lincoln Memorial. It’s an impressive building, rich in history & meaning. Go there early in the morning to experience it all lit up against a still-dark sky. You’ll only hear the birds chirping against the silence of the morning and you get to experience the quiet of nature in an urban context. (Cover up – Washington can be pretty cold in the wee hours of the morning!)

Eco City Guide - Washington D.C. USA -  National Mall via oreeko.com

Eco City Guide - Washington D.C. USA -  Lincoln Memorial via oreeko.com

Restaurants and Cafe’s

Time for breakfast? Check out Founding Farmers restaurant and café. Among their various green initiatives and philosophies, they promote sustainable agriculture of the American farmer by sourcing their fresh products from family farms, ranches and fisheries from across the United States (you can read more about it here.)

After all that walking and sight-seeing in the freezing cold, we just had to stop and replenish ourselves. Since we only had breakfast, I can’t say much about their other dishes on the menu. The few things we ate were nice and fresh.

Founding Farmers  - Farmhouse Waffles - Fresh Strawberries & Whipped Cream via oreeko.com

Another great food stop is SweetGreen, a cool joint that serves healthy organic salads and wraps. A total savior for a healthy meal on the run. Click here to read the dedicated blog post.

Eco City Guide - Washington D.C. USA -  SWEETGREEN – Organic Salads & Wraps via oreeko.com

Another alternative for eating in Washington is Nora. Ms. Nora Pouillon is a pioneer and champion of organic, environmentally conscious cuisine – this is America’s first certified organic restaurant. They shop from local food growers, culinary artisans and sustainable businesses. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to visit Noras but this place is in our wish-list for a future stop!

Eco City Guide - Washington D.C. USA -  Organic Restaurant Nora via oreeko.com


Just 10 minutes away from the historical monuments situated along the Potomac River, you’ll find Georgetown. This is a very quaint and sophisticated little town. (Small tip: be careful where you park, they have very strict rules and high fines.) It’s very enjoyable to walk around and see the myriads of little stores located everywhere.

On the main road you’ll find Buffalo Exchange – a shop with new and recycled fashion at bargain prices. You can buy, sell and even trade. Bring in your former favorites for trade or cash on the spot!
Eco City Guide - Washington D.C. USA -  Georgetown - Washington, D.C. via oreeko.com


Don’t miss Washington’s Botanical Gardens. They offer an enchanting and relaxing break from all the sightseeing and running around. The Botanic Gardens are a safe haven to explore beautiful plants and flowers. Click here to read my in-depth blog & see lots of amazing photos.

Eco City Guide - Washington D.C. USA -  BOTANIC GARDENS - via oreeko.com


If you’re interested in two easy, fun and eco-friendly ways to tour the city, check out:

1. Segway Tours – they offer fantastic itineraries around the city.

2. Capital Bike Share –  a bicycle service that is easily found in multiple locations throughout the city.

Organic Supermarket

If you want to do your own food shopping, check out Yes! Organic Market. They have 8 stores around town and offer healthy food, supplements and body care products at affordable prices.

So here we are – I hope this post has given you some ideas on how to give your visit to Washington D.C. a green angle. 


Eco City Tour - Washington D.C. USA via oreeko.com



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