Easy Ways to Travel Consciously This Holiday

Did you know that CO2 emission from travel is one of the largest contributors to global warming? Before you hit the road or jump on a plane, train or automobile this holiday season, think about being more conscious of minimizing–or at least offsetting–your environmental footprint on the planet. From the latest in green transportation to and from the airport, eco-friendly water bottles, and even luxury green hotels, these tips will help you travel green throughout the holidays, and all year long.

1. Go Green to the Airport
Why take a gas-guzzling taxi or limo to the airport or train station when you can reserve door to door service in one of Planet Tran’s eco-friendly Priuses? And for those of you that like to stay connected wherever you go, each of their cars is booted up with wireless internet so you can check your e-mails from the road.

2. Green Accommodations

Who says traveling green means you have to give up the luxury you’ve grown accustomed to? Instead of staying at the W on your next vacation, try booking a four-star suite at a local green B&B or at a green hotel chain, like The Fairmont or Kimpton Hotels. With recycling in each hotel room, energy and water efficient appliances, and a commitment to serving local and organic produce, these hotels are setting the bar high for hotels worldwide.

3. Eco-Friendly Water Bottles

Staying hydrated is great for your health, especially when you travel. Unfortunately, plastic water bottles leach nasty chemicals into your drinking water, your body, and the planet. And have you heard about the mass of discarded plastic bottles and waste twice the size of Texas
that’s floating in the Pacific? LINK). Since most plastic water bottles wind up in landfills, try Klean Kanteen’s stainless steel, non-leaching water bottles. They’re also recyclable, and the water just tastes better. Or, try our new favorite, Wellness Water H2.O’s individual water bottles that come with built-in filters that clean up water from any tap while you’re on the road. Their state-of-the-art filtration technology produces nourishing, “enhanced” water that hydrates and heals your body better than bottled water without the extra cost or landfill waste.

4. Green Grooming on the Road
No need to skimp on healthy skin care when you’re on the go. Dr. Hauschka Daily Face Care Travel Kit includes the basics for pampering your skin the holistic way while you travel (for as long as two weeks!) All of their personal care products are made from bio dynamic ingredients, which are better for your body and will keep your skin looking and feeling great. So go ahead and toss those drugstore trial size cosmetics. Besides, who needs all of the toxic chemicals?

5. And when all else fails–offset your CO2 emissions

Consume consciously when you travel by choosing to reduce your personal carbon dioxide pollution through the purchase of carbon offset credits. You can calculate your pollution and purchase offset credits online with Carbon Fund, a non-profit organization that lets you choose from renewal energy, reforestation or energy efficiency to offset your carbon footprint created from your personal travel and day to day energy use. Each credit you purchase is used to fund clean energy projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

For more tips on fun eco-conscious  getaways, check out our travel page.

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