Sustainable Beijing: Hotel Eclat

By Eluxe Magazine

It may be best known for its smog, overcrowding and pollution, but Beijing is trying to turn its bad reputation around with the introduction of a luxury art hotel that is revolutionizing sustainable travel in China.

Located in Parkview Green, the Hotel Éclat is China’s First Integrated Commercial Complex to be awarded the LEED® Platinum Certification. The hotel strongly believes they have a duty to their sustainable role in the community and that luxury living should not be at the cost of the environment.

Hotel Eclat Beijing’s General Manager Wessel Krauss explained “We believe that luxury living must not be at the cost of the environment and it is essential for hotels to play a sustainable role in the community.”

The pioneering ecosphere housing Hotel Eclat Beijing, which is located in the Chaoyang area of the city, has won numerous environmental awards, as the building has a unique triple glazed exterior that allows for an internal microclimate that enables 50% lower energy use than that of other buildings of comparable size.

With the advanced levels of energy conservation, environmental protection and sustainable development concept, Hotel Eclat Beijing’s innovative design is unique as a landmark of Chinese green architecture. For example, the hotel uses grey water from baths and showers to flush toilets, and uses LED lighting systems to reduce energy consumption. But there are other features about this hotel that we like too, such as the variable art space that showcases different artists every month, and the wide variety of permanent pieces by Warhol, Dali and famous Chinese artists that decorate the lobby, lounge, and even the bathrooms throughout the hotel.

We also admire the high-tech, 24 hour gym and the unique interior design, which is an eccentric mix of quirky pop-art sculptures with 50s modernism and classic colonial design, including leather Chesterfield sofas.

Guests are encouraged to save water and detergent by requesting sheet and towel changes only as needed, and to take the bicycles provided by the hotel instead of taxis to get around the city. Linens are off-white to avoid the need for bleaching and all cleaning products are non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Given the fact that Beijing's air is basically unbreathable and its food and drinking water are questionable, we are still a bit reluctant to visit China, but for those who have to take a business trip, it’s good to know this hotel exists, and that the Chinese are learning profit and sustainability can go hand in hand.

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