Organic Orlando: Eco Adventure

By Oreeko

Orlando – the land of Mickey Mouse and Universal studios. Great and fun location for adults and children alike.

Outside the walls of Disney World, however, you can find an entire eco-friendly world full of adventures and experiences you’ll surely will never get tired of. Here’s six options for you to try out the next time you’re in Orlando! I tried all of these tips and found them on the directory of businesses that offer organic, eco-friendly and sustainable products & services!


1. Blue Spring State Park

Eco -Travel, Blue Spring State Park – Florida via

2. Wekiwa Springs State Park

Wekiwa State Park in Florida Via

3. Lake Eola is a beautiful location for an afternoon stroll downtown. While walking around the lake we saw various kinds of birds, swans, cygnets, turtles and squirrels.

Lake Eola, Organic and Eco Orlando, Florida via


FOOD TIME: Some cool restaurants offering organic vegetarian, gluten-free and meat dishes.

4. Raphsonic Bakery – An adorable quaint bakery with delicious strictly vegan cupcakes and organic teas.

Raphsodic Cooperative Company - via

5. Infusion Tea – A fairytale vegan and vegetarian café  and restaurant with over 100 organic and fair trade teas.

Infusion Tea -Organic Cafe Orlando Florida via

6. J&J Junction – All American grungy organic burgers and beer spot.

B&B Junction - Organic Burgers in Orlando, Florida via

To find all sorts of organic, eco-friendly and sustainable businesses & services in the fantastical city of Orlando – and in the entire Planet – run a search in Oreeko’s business directory. We’re constantly adding new companies!



I suffered from the “as-bad-as-it-gets” level of endometriosis, a very debilitating illness. Even after undergoing 7 surgeries to supposedly ‘cure’ the problem, things weren’t good. When I changed lifestyle by eating organic food, becoming a vegetarian & reducing daily sources of hidden harmful chemicals, life started getting much better and a new universe opened up. Oreeko is my way of bringing my experiences to benefit others. When I’m not plugging Oreeko or fantasizing about my favorite organic veggie burger, I love exploring recent eco fashion trends and I’m always on the lookout for the next amazing place to get lost in.

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