How Trekking the Alps Can Boost Your Health

By Loukas Billas

Nothing beats boredom and a sedentary lifestyle better than going on a vacation. Every once in a while, we all need to take a break from our usual routine and excruciating work schedule in order to regain energy and momentum for more challenges ahead.

You may be thinking of taking a vacation somewhere near your home. Why don’t you consider something new, exciting, and possibly beneficial to your health?

If you answered “why not?”, then taking a trip to the Alps might just be the thing that you need. Going to the Alps allows you to enjoy several benefits of skiing heaven, such as top class skiing, breathtaking views, and delicious food that you might not find in your hometown.

Apart from these benefits when going on ski weekends, there’s one thing that you can enjoy but probably don’t associate with the Alps: better health. If you’re skeptical about how ski weekends or a trek to the Alps can bring health benefits, here are some bits of information that you need to know:

Stronger heart

Trekking involves walking through random ups and downs in the terrain, in the form of mountains and valleys. This irregular pattern along with long distances makes trekking a very good cardiovascular exercise. Sure, it’s not as intense as running, but taking a trek or enjoying ski weekends at the Alps will do wonders to your heart’s health.

Better weight management

Any physical activity can contribute to weight loss, but going on an Alps break is a lot more exciting. Unlike the routinary and monotonous gym treadmill, an Alps trip may involve climbing steep hills, running down inclines, or grabbing hold of boulders to reach a tight spot. This kind of weight loss approach makes the process much more fun and a lot more sustainable.

Cleaner lungs

The Alps can bring clean air into your lungs, allowing them to be away from the urban jungle of cigarette smoke and vehicle emissions. Trekking in these places gives you the assurance that you are breathing in fresh and clean air, because of the vegetation naturally present in the area.

Switzerland. get natural. A mountain hike on the way to the peak of the Bluemlisalphorn near Kandersteg in the Bernese Oberland. In the background, the Eiger, Moench and Jungfrau. Schweiz. ganz natuerlich. Eine Bergtour unterwegs auf den Gipfel des Bluemlisalphorns in der Naehe von Kandersteg im Berner Oberland. Im Hintergrund Eiger, Moench und Jungfrau. Suisse. tout naturellement. Une randonnee vers le sommet du Bluemlisalphorn pres de Kandersteg dans l'Oberland bernois. En arriere, l'Eiger, Moench et Jungfrau. Copyright by: Switzerland Tourism By-Line: Sonderegger
Image: Sonderegger

Stronger and more agile muscles

The varying depths and heights of a typical trekking terrain provide an opportunity for your muscles to be worked up pretty well. You will probably experience lots of climbing, running, and stretching as you go through the different areas of the Alps. This kind of activity will make your muscles stronger and more flexible.

Stress reduction

According to WebMD, too much stress brings about a cornucopia of physical effects such as headaches, hypertension, chest pain, and unhealthy sleeping behavior. When you go to a place way outside your comfort – or stress – zone, you allow your body to take a breather and just bask in the relaxing elements of the Alps.

Better focus and mental condition

Being in the midst of a spectacular view of the Alps clears your mind and allows your mind to be more focused as you return to your normal routine. Trekking provides an absolute and incomparable peace that you can never experience in the cityscape.

By planning ski weekends or a short Alps break, your body will probably thank you for giving it the chance to recuperate from life’s challenges and be more physically prepared for the rigors to come.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Travel blogger at, Loukas Billas loves travelling around the world and sharing his experiences by contributing to numerous blogs online.

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