How to Pack + Travel in Style

We all want to come out on each trip with less hassle and more fond memories. Part of achieving that lies on the planning stage and the way you carry yourself during the trip itself. When we say ‘travel in style’ it doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re trying to be luxurious or fancy. In fact, it’s more about being simple, comfortable, and smart. So how can we achieve it? What are the things that are essential for us to make our travels more efficient?

Get your sunglasses, an extra pair of shoes, and your favorite camera in check. In addition to all these, how bout adding a set of crimpers wavers that can easily fit your bad. You can use to fix your hair utmost ease and convenience. Aside from the abovementioned stuff, here are a couple of things to remember to make sure that you get the best out of your journey.

Travel light, travel fast

When travelling, there’s only so much you can do given the limited time you can stay in one place. Make it a point that you focus in only bringing the necessary things appropriate to your destination. Do your research about the place, learn the things that you can just probably get there and the stuff that you probably need to bring on your own. The lighter your load is, the easier it will be for you or your group to get from one place to another. Make a packing checklist ahead of the tour and be sure to pack all that stuff in a comfortable quality luggage. Your most important belongings should be close to you as often as possible, the good thing is that sling bags for men and clutches or handbags for women can almost never look bad on you when you’re out there.

Never go out of style, wherever you may be

When they say that you must blend in with your surroundings, I bet most of the time it doesn’t mean literally. You should always dress sharp and comfortable by default. Opportunity awaits the wanderer who rolls with style! When it’s time to get messy with nature, make sure that you have your crimper wavers, and charming casuals ready for the after party. You’re hair will probably be in a mess, but don’t let it stay that way. Always bring a spare shirt or dress when you’re on the move (preferably with pockets) and while on the road or on a plane, at least have an audio book or paperback ready for the long journey. Podcasts can be a really fun alternative too.

Summing it up

You can never underestimate a smart traveller who comes in prepared and in style too. It may sound cliché, but yes, as far as we know we only live this one time and sometimes during our journey, we only get a chance to visit a certain place once. It’s best to put yourself in a spot where you can enjoy the whole experience, make it memorable, and look so damn good while doing it.




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