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How to travel abroad safely

Taking a trip overseas is always a good way to relieve stress levels, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect your health while you’re away. Today, let’s run through five ways to ensure you stay safe from a health perspective when you travel abroad.

1. Keep a constant supply of food on hand

There’s nothing worse than finding yourself sitting on an empty stomach when off on your travels. When thinking about how to travel healthily, make sure you keep a steady supply of snack foods on you at all times.

Naturally, we’d advise this should be a selection of healthy bites, as opposed to something high in sugar or saturated fat. Think about introducing carrot sticks or cucumber slices to your diet.

2. Exercise regularly

Keep a constant watch over your workout routines by maintaining as high a level of fitness as possible. You can find several different workout programmes which you can do in your accommodation – whether it’s a hotel or a hostel.

While you can’t maintain as regular a routine as you do at home, it’s still important to keep your fitness levels as high as they possibly could be. You can always find time to do some sort of physical exercise.

3. Watch what you eat

You may be tempted to pig out and eat whatever you want on holiday, but that isn’t a good idea if you’re looking to maintain at least some kind of balance when it comes to your health.

Think vaguely about the amount of calories you’ll be putting into your body and adjust what you’re eating accordingly. This doesn’t mean sticking to just greens and salads the whole time; but also don’t pump your body full of fat.

4. Stay hydrated

Again, it may not be at the forefront of your mind to keep your hydration levels primed throughout your journey, but it’s important to do so in order to maintain a happy balance in your system.

You can find plenty of ways to stay hydrated while travelling, but the simplest and most effective is – perhaps unsurprisingly – to drink as much water throughout the day as you can. Other suggestions include avoiding sugary drinks and eating foods which are high in H2O (like watermelon).

5. Get the right amount of sun

Not too much and not too little. Exposure to the elements is something which needs to be monitored constantly throughout your adventures. You’ll want to get a relatively decent amount of intake from the sun, but also not over-expose yourself.

Sunstroke is a condition which has the potential to be deadly if it goes untreated for too long. Make sure you avoid this by keeping your head covered at all times.

Have these tips helped to make your next trip that little bit safer? Make sure to pay attention to them when you head off on your next adventure.

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