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I just read in the Sierra Club newsletter that the “biggest single step we can take to cut global warming pollution is to make our cars go farther on a gallon of gas.”

Are you kidding me??? My beloved Sierra Club, the ivory tower of the environmental movement, is still proclaiming that gas efficiency is the key to reversing global warming?

While improving gas efficiency standards is certainly a critical step necessary to reverse global warming, it is NOT the biggest single step we can take. The biggest single step we can take is to switch to a vegetarian diet. In fact, by switching to a vegetarian diet an individual can immediately reduce their carbon footprint by an average of 75%!!! This switch can clearly make a much greater impact on solving global warming than improving a car’s mpg. Unfortunately, most individuals and organizations in the environmental movement fail to address vegetarianism as a viable solution for global warming for one reason and one reason alone: they’re unwilling to give up consuming meat.

But why? Many argue that protein from meat is crucial for a healthy diet. This is simply not true. In fact, many other food groups are excellent sources for protein, including beans, grains, nuts, eggs, fake meats and even green leafy vegetables like broccoli. Moreover, though I have type O blood (which many doctors claim means I must eat meat to stay healthy), I have been a vegetarian since 2005 and since then, have consistently been able to maintain my ideal weight, have never felt better, and have had several doctors tell me that I’m the healthiest person they have ever seen.

More often than not, most meat-eaters-‚Äîmany of whom are self-proclaimed environmentalists–are just not willing to give up the taste. But is the taste of a bloody burger fresh off the grill worth ruining our planet for future generations?

Since I no longer eat meat, I can‚Äôt answer that question. But one thing I do know: the next time I meet a Prius-driving, meat-eating, card-carrying environmentalist–I‚Äôll be sure to ask them.

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