A Mindful Moment in Brittany, France

By Oreeko

Kerloc’h is a small French town located in the enchanting region of Brittany (at the end of the Crozon peninsula) some 6 hours from Paris. We stumbled upon it quite unexpectedly while driving from Pointe du Raz to Pointe Saint-Mathieu, two phenomenal natural spots along Brittany’s rugged Atlantic coastlines. Even-though it wasn’t a planned stop, we just had to check it out – we couldn’t resist.

I don’t know much about the history of Kerloc’h but I did find out that surfers love to come here. On this particular day it was super low tide. A bonus for us because we managed to get close and personal with these beautiful cliffs and multi-colored beaches. The tide was so far out you could literally walk on this Oceanic seabed for miles. To get a rough idea, look at the pictures below and look at the size of people here & there…

The feeling you have when you get in such close contact with nature is just amazing. I had never seen anything like this before.

I learned a very valuable lesson during this improvised stop: Live the moment and enjoy your surroundings.

(At times) I fall into the trap of getting all maniacal about taking a million pictures of every tiny detail to document the experience. Don’t get me wrong, taking pictures is super important to me – but it’s also extremely important to  breathe, smell and sense the surroundings. Otherwise all you have left is just photos without real memories of your journeys.

Did you ever visit a place where you ended being so preoccupied with taking pictures that you really didn’t live the moment? Don’t worry – It happens to all of us.

Next time though, stop where you didn’t plan to; look around; find the horizon; find joy in improvisation; see the colors; feel the rocks; walk without shoes; breathe the air; listen to silence – live the moment.

I tried and it was one of my fondest memories. (Following which was a 5-hour night-time, map-guided drive straight thru the French countryside in complete darkness to make our next destination on time!)


P.S If you do pass through these areas check out the organic supermarket in Carnac and help local organic business grow.


Kerloc'h - Brittany, France Kerloc'h - Brittany, France Kerloc'h - Brittany, France Kerloc'h - Brittany, France Kerloc'h - Brittany, France Kerloc'h - Brittany, France  Kerloc'h - Brittany, FranceKerloc'h - Brittany, France Kerloc'h - Brittany, France Kerloc'h - Brittany, France P1090116 Kerloc'h - Brittany, FranceKerloc'h - Brittany, FranceKerloc'h - Brittany, FranceKerloc'h - Brittany, FranceKerloc'h - Brittany, France

Surfers Paradise Kerloc’h – Brittany, France via oreeko.comKerloc'h - Brittany, FranceKerloc'h - Brittany, France



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