7 Ideal Hotels for Walkers

By Eluxe Magazine

While you enjoy your well-deserved summer holidays, we have already researched the best sustainable hotels for your next walking adventure in autumn. Green Pearls, a portfolio of handpicked, sustainable and unique places worldwide, have found 7 chic accommodations that offer you amazing hikes for conscious travellers.

1. Butterflies in India

C G H Earth’s Spice Village in Thekkady, Kerala, is the essence of an Indian tribal mountain village with 35 acres of hotel property alone. While strolling around the property may already seem more like visiting a botanical garden, there are many other hiking options.

On the “Border Hiking” trek, a forest official and two trained guides of the local community will take a group of 6 through the jungle with glimpses of vast plains and lofty escarpments. For discovering birds, butterflies and other wildlife, the 5 km “Nature Walk”  will offer unique nature experiences.







2. Early Riser’s Walk in Costa Rica

Hidden in the Costa Rican forest there’s Macaw Lodge, the perfect destination for adventure seekers and nature lovers. The location is directly in the transition zone between rain and dry forests, so visitors can encounter many different kinds of flora and fauna. Find yourself in a world of scenic beauty with a “Natural History Walk and Waterfall” where the trail leads deep into the forest to an impressive waterfall. Early birds can take the “Early Bird Walk” at 6 a.m. Yes, it’s early, but you’ll be amazed by 350 bird species seen at that hour throughout the lodge’s gardens and trails. After a long day of walking, you can stretch out any tired muscles with the lodge’s wonderful outdoor yoga classes.






3. Mystical Mountain Walks in Peru

Located near Machu Picchu, the famous and extremely well-preserved ruin city, the Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel in Peru is perfectly positioned for historic and mystical walking experiences. On the day long “Inca Trail” trek you can discover all the historic sacred sites that have mystified so many. 

Along the way, become fascinated by nature’s diversity on the “orchid trail”, where you’ll see 372 different orchid species in their natural habitat and discover the fascinating ecosystem of Machu Picchu’s forests, lush with indigenous plants and animals. And why not take the “twilight walk” to connect to nature’s core elements, such as a mystical waterfall and sacred pre-Inca pictographs, to end the day?





4. Tree View Walk in Sri Lanka

From cultural visits to natural tours to walking treks, at Hunas Falls in Kandy in Sri Lanka there are many breathtaking options for walking! Part of their nature program is the self-guided tree trail, which runs around the lake through the sub-montane zone. It offers not only a glimpse of Kandy’s lush variety of trees, but also colorful butterflies and exotic birds can be seen especially during morning and evening hours. A hotel’s resident naturalist accompanies guests on the other 14 tours offered at the eco resort. From a Mount Hunnasgiriya Trail with panoramic views of mountains and valleys to an excursion to Sembuwatta Lake, every walk is a lifetime experience.





5. New Cultural Heights in Italy

Right by the impressive Dolomite mountain range, the eco resort Leitlhof not only offers spa experiences with locally sourced herbs, but also several hiking tours to keep guests moving. Take hikes in the Drei Zinnen and Fanes-Sennes-Prags nature reserves, whose beauty is preserved by UNESCO World Heritage rules. If you find the 3000 meter climb up the famous “Drei Zinnen” in the Dolomites daunting, you, should at least take the hike around them, as it offers unique and gorgeous mountain views. Hotel Leitlhof offers many hiking and climbing tours from beginners to athletes–anyone’s walking ambitions will be met here!





6. Walk in Silence in Austria

Experience a unique ambiance at 1,050m at Timber Hotel Forsthofalm in Austria. With overall 400 kilometres of hiking trails, the vacation region is one of the largest and most contrasting hiking regions of Austria. Get active on the different hiking trails or choose from their selection of themed hikes! Catch new energy on the “way of silence” to one of the last inhabited hermitages and consciously let the power of the stone influence you and harmonize body, mind and soul. Walkers, who love natural remedies might want to try the medicinal plants and alpine flowers trail while families embark on an easy 2 hours long hike.






7. Zebra Crossings in Kenya

Set within the pristine Soysambu Conservancy, The Sleeping Warrior Lodge in Kenya offers breathtaking views on Lake Elmenteita and the Rift Valley. But why only enjoy the view when you can choose a walk right through the middle of the landscapes? Experience “The Out of Africa Walk” featuring open savannah plains where giraffes, zebras and buffalos are seen regularly. Or embark on “The Botanical Trail” where a guide will describe unique indigenous tree species of the area and take you through the shady acacia groves and lava ridges along the way. All walks can be tailored according to fitness levels and interests to give each guest a unique, unforgettable experience.  







For more eco-tourism ideas, please visit this link.



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