5 of the Best Winter Holiday Destinations

Some people crave the idea of being away from home over Christmas. If you don’t want to spend another Christmas in your home, you may want to get away. There is nothing nicer than getting on a plane and escaping to pastures new. Hopefully, you won’t even have to hear a Christmas song in the process. There are some fantastic Christmas holiday destinations. Whether you want fun in the sun or frolics in the snow, there are a wealth of amazing holiday destinations that are perfect for the wintry season.

1.    Australia  Turn the world on its head and it’s summer in Oz. For many Western travellers, the mere thought of a cold, damp Christmas is enough to drive you insane. Australia is the perfect winter getaway. Whether you want to see historic, tropical Darwin or the relaxed, laid back vibe of Melbourne, you are sure to have a balmy, hot holiday. Depending on whether you want city or beach, will depend on how much money you need. Naturally, a city break in Oz is going to be pricey. But, a beach resort tends to be cheaper. Whatever your budget, you are sure to love Oz this year.

Melbourne at Christmas

2.    Switzerland  Not everyone wants to avoid the snow in winter. So, if you wish to have a wintry wonderland, Switzerland is the place to be. According to Housetrip, it’s an attractive place to go during the Christmas break. Whether you want skiing or relaxation, there is something for you in Switzerland. This is not the cheapest destination but is the most magical. If you are something of an architecture buff, this is the place for you.

3.    Croatia  Croatia may not have the tropical climes of other destinations. But, if you want to soak up the party atmosphere, head to Brac. Brac is a small island off the coast of Dalmatia. It’s a great little island with stunning views. Sit on top of a cliff drinking cocktails and look out to sea. With miles of gorgeous coastline, it’s the perfect place to lay your head this winter. The food is more Italian in its influence and is to die for. So, if you want good food and exquisite views, head to Brac.

4.    New York  Let’s face it; we’ll all want to spend Christmas in New York. The Rockefeller Centre has been showcased on a million and one Christmas movies. It’s the perfect place to soak up a real festive feeling. With ice-skating in Central Park and the lights of Macy’s, this is a truly wondrous time to go to New York. No one does it bigger or better than the US.

5.    Barcelona  This Spanish hotspot is a firm favourite in the summer, but come the winter there are fewer tourists in the region. Barcelona is a great place if you want to soak up some culture. While the climate is cooler, there are some traditional Spanish Christmas customs that you can partake in. Seek out the Correfoc for a traditional glimpse into Barcelona. Fire, parades and folk dancing is all you need in Barcelona during Christmas.

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