Watch: Celebrating Spiritual Diversity – Many Paths, One Truth

Many Paths, One Truth: Celebrating Spiritual Diversity

On this episode, we are live from India to celebrate the diversity of faiths, religions and spiritual practices the world over, and honoring the one universal goal they share: connecting to the divine. So come with us as we visit an ashram in the back woods of Charlottesville, Virginia, that’s helping devotees from diverse faiths, races and cultures come together, and deepen their spiritual practice through yoga, meditation and fresh vegetarian cuisine. Then, we’re in Bali, Indonesia to learn how the indigenous honor the divine each day with sacred flower offerings. And finally, we’re back in the states in the vortex of Sedona, Arizona to visit a healing retreat – that’s touched by Angels. And for those who have a religious experience whenever they chow down on yummy treats, stay tuned for the most heavenly candied yam recipe on the planet. All this and more on Conscious Living!

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