WATCH: Beat the Holiday Blues + Have Some Winter Fun

Happy holidays! On this episode, we’re helping you to stay in the holiday spirit. First, we’re shopping in Manhattan with a luxury vegan handbag designer who’s as committed to protecting animals as she is to being fashion forward. Then, we’ll hit the slopes at Southern California’s most sustainable ski resort, Mammoth Mountain for some green snowboarding. To help you find your center in the midst of the holiday hubbub, we’ll take you to our favorite meditation gardens in the U.S., the Self Realization Fellowship’s Lake Shrine and Encinitas Hermitage. Finally, we’ll help you combat those oh-so-common holiday blues with a visit to a conscious therapist who helps people overcome depression and anxiety by gently confronting and resolving past trauma. When all else fails, there is nothing like a hot gooey plate of mac and cheese to keep you in the holiday spirit – Vegan Man will show you a yummy, but healthier vegan and gluten free version that will keep you and your guests coming back for seconds. Don’t miss the holiday fun – on this episode Conscious Living!


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