Watch: Find Your Zen in the Great Outdoors – Vegan Glamping, Cali Hot Springs, S’Mores + More!

Find Your Zen in the Great Outdoors!

On this episode, we’re showing you easy ways to make your life more zen. First, we’ll show you an economical way to bring renewal energy into your home with solar panels that won’t break the bank. Next, we’re wisking you off to the mystical mountains of California’s Central Coast for a relaxing stay at the oldest Zen Monastery in the U.S. for a little meditation and hot springs healing. Then, venture with us to Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley for a visit to an outdoor glamp-ground, where we’ll show you how to make our favorite vegan camping recipes fresh off the griddle (hot cakes, anyone)? Lastly, we’ll help you revamp your medicine cabinet with the certified cruelty-free personal care products. All this and more coming up – on this episode of Conscious Living!

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