The September Issue: Find Your Etho-Chic Style

By Bianca Alexander

For the past several days, all eyes have been on the glittery runways of New York Fashion Week, where top designers vie for the hearts and minds of fashion editors, celebrity stylists and merchandisers eager to set the buying criteria for must-have trends six months from now.

While planning a wardrobe two seasons ahead can be aesthetically inspiring, it contributes to the vicious “fast fashion” cycle. To keep up with ever-changing trends, we acquire more clothing than we can possibly wear in a lifetime, increasing our demand for duds with a short shelf-life (think Forever 21). To stay competitive, manufacturers mass-produce easy-sew, chemical-laden garments under inhumane working conditions that soon fall apart. These “cookie-cutter” clothes poison our drinking water, gorge landfills with last season’s throw-aways, and keep us looking and feeling less than our authentic best. In my view, this is the exact opposite of what great style is about.

What can you do about it? Change the supply-demand equation by supporting slow fashion: stylish clothing made locally, sustainably, and built to last for more than one season. For inspiration on revamping your style ethos, watch our latest episode on hip, upcycled couture from Oakland’s 25C Collective, or read about a full-on swap boutique in the U.S. that keeps stars like Orange is the New Black’s Alysia Reiner (aka: Fig) fabulous on the red carpet.

However you adorn yourself this season, try to avoid style passionista Yarina Valverde’s 7 Deadliest Sins of Fashion by staying in the present fashion moment: transitioning gracefully into fall. Just the thought of clearing my closet to make way for crisp autumn colors and textures gives me plenty to be excited about!

Want more great style ideas? Don’t miss a day of Conscious Living for the latest tips on what we like to call “etho-chic” fashion, travel and more! Until then, consider these pearls of wisdom from eco-stylist Greta Eagan’s fab new book, Wear No Evil.

“Let integrity fashion your character in all walks of life. As it will shape the person you become.” ~ Simone DaCosta

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Photo by Michael Alexander

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