Street Style: The Sustainable Siren

Jennifer Wang of Sustainable Siren
A 20 year old design student, Jennifer is the beauty and brains behind Sustainable Siren.

Committed to sustainability and environmental activism, she’s a blogger who believes strongly in inspiring others, especially young adults, to approach life with an environmentally and ethically conscious mindset.”When I first started blogging 4 years ago, I was 15, and Art In Our Blood was born out of a desire to start building a name for myself in the fashion world, and wanting an outlet to share my love for fashion and personal style. In those 4 years, I’ve learned quite a lot about the fashion industry and how it works inside-and-out, and that includes both the good and bad. But 2015 was a year that really marked a turning point for me.

My education at Parsons especially, coupled with the increasing amount of media coverage I was exposed to in 2015 on climate change and the exploitation of so many factory workers, instilled in me a thorough and unsettling understanding of the ways in which a majority of the mainstream fashion industry sadly perpetuates labor issues and results in appalling environmental degradation.

As my knowledge of these issues increased, the more I understood just how urgently and critically that we needed change.”

Jennifer’s approach to dealing with the realities of the fashion industry today is aimed at not giving up. As she consistently points out: “Small actions do matter, not just because they really do add up in the long run, but because they set a good example for other people, and often can inspire those around you to start thinking and acting more consciously too!”

Dress (by Pima Doll, made of pima cotton in Peru & New York City, hand knotted)
Gold Cuffs (by Candice Vostrejs, handmade in Denver, CO, USA)
Bag (secondhand faux leather from Poshmark)
Booties ( by Bhava, vegan & handmade in Spain)

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