Street Style: The Natural Make-Up Artist

By Kestrel Jenkins

Kristin is a musician and makeup artist based in Minneapolis, MN. She knows that people have been putting the earth and themselves at risk for the sake of fashion and beauty since ancient Egypt — where men and women would paint dark lines around their eyes to ward off evil and dangerous spirits, deflect the harsh desert sun and prevent eye infections. The black kohl came from an ingredient called galena, a dark gray ore of poisonous lead.

As an artist at Juut Salonspa and an educator for Aveda, a leader in the environmentally-responsible beauty movement, Kristin teaches her clients and students that we no longer need to sacrifice the well-being of our planet, our own health or the conditions of the people growing our beauty products' ingredients, to look and feel our best. With high-performing organic and plant-based formulas and uplifting sustainable sourcing stories, the Aveda wearer can feel good about the products they're using.

Not surprisingly, many women are turned off when they discover that numerous cosmetic lines use ingredients like carmine beetles, fish scales, beef fat and tar in their formulations. Aveda utilizes skin-loving ingredients such as blueberries, tourmaline, ginger and vanilla.

Kristin sees firsthand that people today care a great deal about what they put into and on their bodies, and yet many don't seem to wonder about the sourcing stories behind their clothing. This surprises her because when those sources are examined, we often find unethical working conditions, negative environmental impact, depletion of natural resources, and even toxic cancer-causing chemicals.

When she’s not painting faces, Kristin can be found singing and playing bass in her band, Catbath, riding her bicycle and, along with her husband, Kyle, attending music events around the Twin Cities. She looks forward to spreading the word on sustainable fashion to the people in her life.

Leather Vest (vintage from 1970s)
Chiffon Tank (by American Apparel, Made in Los Angeles, USA)
Cotton Pants (vintage from 1960s)
Clogs (by Swedish Hasbeens, handmade with respect to people and the environment)
Pencil Necklace (vintage from 1920s)
Necklace (by Laura Lombardi, handmade in Chicago, USA of repurposed materials)
Gold Bracelet (vintage)
Rubber Bracelets (from Made with Love Project, fair trade and made of recycled materials, proceeds support Empire des Enfants – a center for homeless children in Dakar, Senegal)
Earrings (vintage, from her Mom's closet)
Ring (by Jessica Matrasko, handmade in Los Angeles/Minneapolis, USA)


About The Author

Kestrel is a globetrotter with small-town Wisconsin spirit. She has lived in Chile, London, Madrid & New York, soaking up and absorbing every moment of fashion and difference along the way. She has worked with People Tree, Global Action Through Fashion, The GreenShows, FashionMeGreen, Fashioning Change, Ecouterre, Inhabitat & EcoSalon. She loves words & garments, and reorganizing them both. For Kestrel, fashion is her favorite way to share stories. Her most recent endeavor, AWEAR, is a style-driven project intended to help inspire us to think about where our clothes are made, what they are made of, and who makes them.



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