Street Style: The Calypso Glow

Patricia Bentham of Calypso Glow

Patricia is the founder of Calypso Glow skincare, a brand that offers a range of Caribbean inspired handcrafted skincare, made from organically derived ingredients.

“I’ve been blessed with a 15 year career in corporate communications, which has allowed me to work and travel in Europe/UK, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, the US and many Caribbean islands. My all-time favorite place is St Lucia. To look out across the horizon, across a plantation of coconut trees and toward the ocean gives me an inner peace that allows me to truly embrace nature. Its simple beauty inspires my inner ‘Calypso’.”

So, who is “Calypso?” For Patricia, she’s an energy, a feeling and an aura.

“From a Caribbean perspective, ‘She’ brings to mind the fun, melodic music that unites and brings joy through rhythm. I wanted a name for our brand that embodied that energy and the inspiration that I get from the women, simple beauty and vibrant tropics of the Caribbean.”

Patricia feels strongly that her experiences in travel have been far more rewarding for her personal learning than any of the studies that go along with her MBA or master’s degree.

“As a child of the Caribbean diaspora, I’ve been raised with a rich and diverse appreciation for food, music, people and my natural environment. I grew up listening to my family talk about Caribbean traditions and lifestyle. It’s a joy to be able to share some of that through our brand while supporting the economic development of the sustainable farming communities and businesses that we work with.”

Patricia connected with local herbalists and farmers over the course of several adventures. Her exploration revealed rich botanical treasures from fresh passion fruits and pineapples growing in her grandparents’ Dominican Estate, Moringa Trees in St Lucia, Lemongrass fields in Antigua, Cocoa mills in Martinique and a plethora of coconut plantations on every island.

In 2013, Patricia was introduced to a local team of two award-winning doctors of naturopathic medicine. Together, they dove deeper into the potent ingredients available for skincare, and curated the best ethical and organic high quality ingredients into a range of products that would deliver wonderful skin benefits. The following year, Calypso Glow was born.

Head Wrap (traditional St Lucian print, hand-me-down)
Dress (by Ajaie Alaie, made in India using textiles sourced by the designer; her intention is to support local communities and keep their looms going)

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