Street Style: Sweet Dreams

By Kestrel Jenkins

Kathryn Tyrrell of The Goodnight Society

Kathryn worked in the Corporate Marketing space for over 15 years. While she enjoyed many parts of her job, she started feeling that big business lacked a lot of soul, and realized that she needed to do something that personally felt more meaningful and was more fun for her.

Having never worked in fashion, people are always intrigued by how Kathryn came up with the idea of starting her sleepwear brand, The Goodnight Society. She shared with us how it happened ::

"I think so many people struggle with this challenge – I don’t want to do this job anymore, but I’m not sure what else to do. We get caught up with this idea of finding our passion, which I think can be really hard if your passion isn’t immediately clear to you. I approached it differently – I knew I wanted to have my own business, so I just thought ‘what do I want it to enable me to do?’ I knew I wanted a creative outlet, to be able to contribute directly and in a significant way to community development, to do and create something fun, and to be able to use my marketing skills. So I was thinking about those things and looking around for an opportunity, and one day I was shopping for some pajamas for a gift for a friend and struggling to find anything. I thought ‘I think there’s a real gap in the sleepwear market in Australia that I think I could fill, and it’s a business that would enable me to do all those things’ and so I just decided to go for it."

Kathryn wants to inspire others to chase their dreams, create a community of big dreamers, and help those in less fortunate situations be able to dream big too. Turns out that for Kathryn, quirky, bold, bright pajamas are really just a by-product of that.

Jumper (by Gorman Clothing, fairly made)
Jeans (by Nobody Denim, made in Melbourne, Australia)
Necklace (purchased from a market stall in Morocco)
Resin Bangle (by Dinosaur Designs, handmade in Australia)
Other Bangle (from a market stall in Mexico)
Bag (gift from Peppermint Magazine, Australian publication focused on sustainable fashion)


Kestrel JenkinsAbout The Author

Kestrel is a globetrotter with small-town Wisconsin spirit. She has lived in Chile, London, Madrid & New York, soaking up and absorbing every moment of fashion and difference along the way. She has worked with People Tree, Global Action Through Fashion, The GreenShows, FashionMeGreen, Fashioning Change, Ecouterre, Inhabitat & EcoSalon. She loves words & garments, and reorganizing them both. For Kestrel, fashion is her favorite way to share stories. Her most recent endeavor, AWEAR, is a style-driven project intended to help inspire us to think about where our clothes are made, what they are made of, and who makes them.



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