Street Style: Free Bird

By Kestrel Jenkins

Hoda Katebi of JooJoo Azad ::

Hoda is a Muslim-Iranian, born and raised in Oklahoma. She is now attending the University of Chicago, where she's studying International Studies/Relations and Middle Eastern Studies. 

Hoda runs JooJoo Azad (which means “Free Bird” in Fasi) :: a fashion + social action blog and an extension of her voice. When she's not spending hours in front of a computer screen blogging or pretending to be a good student, she's probably reading Persian poetry, playing violin, or looking at bird pictures. Her favorite food is saffron ice cream and her soul is in the sea. 

Hoda tells us of what pushed her to start developing her virtual voice :: "Fashion blogging has always been in the back of my mind but it wasn’t until a pregnant Muslim woman suffered a miscarriage due to a hate attack in France that I decided that I could no longer play the part of the silent observer. 

In August 2013, I launched JooJoo Azad with the intention of bringing together fashion with activism: I share personal looks that serve to normalize the Hijab & modest dressing within a world that is becoming increasingly sexualized and Islamaphobic, support and advertise socially-conscious brands and general limiting of spending, encourage boycotting of unethical brands, and discuss relevant issues within the fashion industry that need to be addressed such as the lack of diversity or utilization of child labor."

Necklace (a gift from 9th & Elm, which features handmade and small independent business owners) 
Headscarf (handmade from Etsy)
Top (from a local brand) 
Skirt (handmade)
Jacket (thrifted)

photos by Alex Jung



Kestrel JenkinsAbout The Author

Kestrel is a globetrotter with small-town Wisconsin spirit. She has lived in Chile, London, Madrid & New York, soaking up and absorbing every moment of fashion and difference along the way. She has worked with People Tree, Global Action Through Fashion, The GreenShows, FashionMeGreen, Fashioning Change, Ecouterre, Inhabitat & EcoSalon. She loves words & garments, and reorganizing them both. For Kestrel, fashion is her favorite way to share stories. Her most recent endeavor, AWEAR, is a style-driven project intended to help inspire us to think about where our clothes are made, what they are made of, and who makes them.


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