Street Style: Found + Made

By Kestrel Jenkins

Angela Hamilton :: Founder of if found, make 

Angela is the founder of if found, make :: which she defines as "a place where crafting, blogging, design, and style intersect with independent artists, small businesses, and the desire to move toward a happier, handcrafted life. From curated gift guides to original DIY projects to adorn your home with, her blog is a space that not only promotes creativity, but gives it room to breathe."

She especially loves shopping at consignment shops, where she finds more of a handpicked selection of goods. For Angela, it's a great way to use what is already out there, instead of playing a part in the consumption of unethical goods. "I've always been into thrifting and vintage, starting with combing Goodwill so that I could afford back to school shopping. Not only do I love the hunt, but I believe in a reformation of the fashion industry, and recently I've started editing my habits to reflect that. It's hard to purchase ethically made fashion on a budget – as much as I love handmade + sustainable clothing – so thrift shopping helps me stay within my means and feel good about it."

Angela tells us honestly about how she has encountered struggles along the adventure of shopping in a more AWEAR and conscious way :: "There have been times where I've been frustrated. I have to remind myself that this is a process, we're all in it together, and that as long as I remain aware of my purchases, it's okay to take things a step at a time. There are so many more ethical options than there were even 5 years ago, but it's still difficult not to just head to the mall when I need some new clothes." Indeed, it's a never-ending learning journey for us all.

Floral Dress (thrifted from Wasteland in Los Angeles, CA; tailored to fit her)
Basic Tank (thrifted from Hope of the Valley in Granada Hills, CA for $2)
Necklace (handcrafted, from Sumi's in Los Feliz, Los Angeles)
Bag (thrifted from Crossroads Trading)



Kestrel JenkinsAbout The Author

Kestrel is a globetrotter with small-town Wisconsin spirit. She has lived in Chile, London, Madrid & New York, soaking up and absorbing every moment of fashion and difference along the way. She has worked with People Tree, Global Action Through Fashion, The GreenShows, FashionMeGreen, Fashioning Change, Ecouterre, Inhabitat & EcoSalon. She loves words & garments, and reorganizing them both. For Kestrel, fashion is her favorite way to share stories. Her most recent endeavor, AWEAR, is a style-driven project intended to help inspire us to think about where our clothes are made, what they are made of, and who makes them.


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