Recycled Textile Couture

By Ecouterre

Impressing the creative team of Shanghai Tang, China's leading curator of modern Chinese chic, would be a daunting feat for anyone. For the 10 finalists of the EcoChic Design Award, the stakes were even higher. Not only did they have to flex their design cunning, but they also had to combine it with an affinity with textile waste. On the line? A three-month residency with the luxury brand, plus the opportunity to co-produce a sustainable capsule collection for global consumption. Contestants from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Denmark participated in the grand finale, here's a peak at some of their looks.


Supermodel and competition ambassador Bonnie Chen cuts a fine figure in the photoshoot, which features garments constructed from repurposed textiles such as discarded clothing, end-of-roll samples, industrial surplus, and a castoff Swiss Army blanket or two.

As captured by photographer Tim Wong, the inventiveness of these pieces is palpable. Enlivened by ethical stylist Denise Ho with jewelry by John Hardy, the 10 entries prove that so-called waste can go toe to toe—and hem to hem—with anything the pages of Vogue has to offer. Click here to watch the Grand Final runway show and see who won.




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