Pick a Color: Healthy Nail Polish

By Bianca Alexander

“Pick a color”: these three words can be magic to the ears when trying to score a walk-in appointment at the local nail salon.  But what most salons won’t tell you is “our polishes are hazardous to your health.”

Conventional nail polishes contain toxins like toluene, DBP, camphor and formaldehyde. Toluene (also known as benzene), a thinner used in most nail polish and paints, and DBP (dibutyl phthalate), a binder and preservative, have both been linked to developmental and reproductive disorders. Formaldehyde, a nail hardener, is a known irritant and human carcinogen, still used today to embalm dead people. If you value your health, you want these chemicals nowhere near precious living organs, including your skin, the largest and most absorbent in your body. Not even the prettiest mani pedi is worth damaging that.

Next time you hit the salon or polish up at home, make the switch to a toxin-free mani pedi using Sparitual. Their professional grade nail lacquers are free of toluene, formaldehyde and DBP, and come in beautiful packaging made from recycled materials.  Not to worry, you won’t have to skimp on color or durability with this eco-conscious brand. Their vegan veneers are infused with Eco-Cert certified bamboo for up to 35% stronger nails.

With collections aptly named for conscious affirmations like Meditate, Evolve, Reflect and Glow, there’s a range of colors to suit every mood and personality: bright sunny oranges and yellows; passionate purples, reds and blues; funky metallics (made from animal-friendly mica, not fish scales) and every shade of nude you can imagine. Best of all, with extra-wide brushes, application is fast, easy and quick drying with no fumes.

Though deciding on a shade can still be tricky (do I go bright, nude, or sparkly?), with Sparitual, there’s no excuse not to pick a new color–or bring one with you to the salon–whenever the mood hits you.

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