By Bianca Alexander

#OITNB's Alysia Reiner Helps Launch World's 1st Swap Boutique

Best known as “Fig” on Netflix’ hit series Orange is the New Black, actress Alysia Reiner recently swapped her style at Give + Take, the world’s first swap boutique. Capitalizing on the growing trend toward upcycled fashion, Give + Take is bringing the “share economy” one step forward for womankind and offers a revolutionary new way for women to shop: swapping to their heart’s desire.

“Give + Take Swap Boutique is the best-kept secret in Los Angeles,” said Reiner, who will guest on ABC’s “How to Get Away with Murder” this fall. “I love being a member— especially when rotating looks for the red carpet. I bring great stuff in, and take amazing stuff out!”

Give and TakeHow does Give + Take work? Members receive credit for the clothes and accessories they contribute and get to spend that credit in the store. Like Rent-the-Runway meets your favorite boutique, Give + Take members can keep their new looks forever— or return them the next day for more. Have a party Saturday night and nothing to wear? Swap for a dress at lunch, wear it out at night, clean it Sunday morning and exchange it that afternoon. Without the limitations and pressures of a private swap, Give + Take helps conscious women refresh their wardrobes in style while saving money. 

Boutique co-owner Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff, die-hard fashionista and founder of green lifestyle blogs Ecostiletto and Mommy Greenest, was inspired to partner with founder Celina Amaya after her first visit to the store: “The first time I went in with two bags of stuff that had just been gathering dust and exchanged them for clothes that I couldn’t wait to wear out. I was hooked!” For Rachel, it’s the best way to shop. “Swapping is budget-conscious eco-fashion at its best. By keeping clothes in circulation, we are recycling and reducing waste. If every woman in America swapped instead of shopping for 30 days, we could save $10 billion and one billion pounds of landfill waste — in just one month!”

At the boutique’s official launch party last week in Santa Monica, guests enjoyed a natural beauty pop-up flash sale with offerings from EcoBrow, Love for Humanity Organics and Glycelene skincare, H. Gillerman Organics’ healing essential oils and upcycled clutches from Mixd Co and Bird in Hand. With monthly private events, staff on hand for personal styling and a wide selection of great finds, Give + Take is helping swapping take L.A. by storm. In the future, they hope to franchise more swap boutiques so this amazing community building resource can reach more consumers.

“We both truly believe swapping can transform the way you look at shopping. Most of our members no longer shop retail. Instead, they just “swap their style.”

Photos: Ameluxe


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