Garden of Eden: Cri De Coeur’s Vegan Footwear

By Bianca Alexander

Like a cool breeze on a hot summer’s day, Cri de Coeur’s collection of vegan footwear doesn’t disappoint. Freshly blossomed as a debut collaboration between socialite/philanthropist and first-time shoe designer Arden Wohl, the collection was inspired by the artwork of 19th century Austrian symbolist painter Gustav Klimpt, who incorporated motifs like hidden eyes, gold leaf techniques and mosaic ornamentation into his erotic and spiritual artwork. Like Klimpt, Arden Wohl x Cri de Coeur’s collection boasts avant-garde vegan design that inspires ethical consumerism through high art, including pops of color, innovative textiles and anatomical exposure in all the right places.

With surprising details like clear lucite on floral booties, chiffon ribbon ankle ties and sexy, strapping stilettos in jewel tones with peeking eyes, this is Cri’s most daring collection yet.

Pick from the tempting fruit below, or pluck your own bouquet of fabulous summer footwear by shopping here.


Cri Adele Black

Adele Bone

Cri Clio Black

CriGold Flora Bootie

Cri Sirin Strappy






cri gold chiffon



Cri Shoes

jean bone cri


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