Mindful Gifts for Your Conscious Peeps

Conscious Gift Ideas for Your Mindful Peeps

Finding gifts for those you love is never an easy task. Though it’s the thought that counts, no one wants to find a gift laboriously selected with care tucked away in the back of their BFF’s closet. Keep your gifts out of the re-gifting bin by making more mindful, eco-conscious choices for everyone on your list-including you!


Non-slip Yoga Towel by Manduka, $68.00

Nothing gets a Yogi more excited to hit the mat than fresh new yoga gear. Keep ‘em high and dry with this luxurious full-length towel made for use right over a regular yoga mat. It helps prevent slippage during steamy hot yoga classes, and like all of Manduka’s yoga gear, it’s made from renewable, recycled, and organic materials. 

Eagle Rock Werkshop Yoga Pants, $98.00

Help your favorite yogi feel like a spiritual warrior in a pair of these high performance fitness leggings by Eagle Rock. Each artsy piece is handcrafted with exclusive artwork on 100% ethical and sustainable fabric.

Yogi Bhajan Everyday Desk Calendar, $24.95  

Help your conscious loved ones stay intentional in 2018 with a daily wisdom desk calendar featuring one conscious quote per day from spiritual teacher Yogi Bhajan, who helped introduce Kundalini Yoga to the United States. Past quotes include – “Three Laws of Prosperity: Be Kind to everyone, Never speak ill of anyone, Never speak ill of yourself” and “Your strength is how calmly, quietly, and peacefully you face life.” These popular calendars tend to sell out, so order now to ensure it arrives by New Year’s. 


Happify App,  $14.95/month

For those on your list on a quest for peace of mind, gift them Happify, a self-improvement program with lots of tools and products to help users take control of their emotional well being, from conquering negative thoughts to coping better with stress.

Headspace, $5.74 to $14.95/month

Help them keep their resolution to learn how to meditate this year with the popular Headspace app, which teaches mindfulness techniques and meditations designed to minimize stress. After the essentials have been learned using the free pak, subscriptions are available containing mini meditations for the time-constrained seeker, and hundreds of others designed for everything from reducing fear to releasing anxiety.

Calm,  $12.99/month

For those in need of a mindfulness bootcamp, give them Calm, another meditation app designed to help users reduce stress, create happiness, find focus, and fall asleep. With tons of features like timers, reminders, progress trackers, and program training, bliss is just a few clicks away.

Star Walk 2, $2.99

For astronomy-loving friends, consider the Star Walk app a great stocking stuffer. The app can be used day or night by simply pointing your phone towards the sky to see what constellations are above you, or what’s in the sky on the other side of the planet by pointing down. It also offers daily sunrise and sunset times and identification of over 250,000 heavenly bodies.


Stainless Steel Manual Wheatgrass Juicer, $149.95

Healthy New Year’s resolutions will be well within reach for your foodie friend with this chef quality, manual-crank wheatgrass juicer made of solid non-toxic stainless steel. It squeezes every last drop out of nutrient dense wheatgrass with a slow mastication process, which won’t damage healthy enzymes.

Recycled Bicycle Wine Rack, $39.95

For wine-loving friends who wouldn’t be caught dead drinking green juice, help them stay fit while toting their wine with this handmade bicycle wine rack made from recycled tires. It attaches easily. and a hidden clamp system keeps the bottle firmly in place during transit.


Ahi Recycled Fishing Net Skateboard Deck, $74.99

Keep your skater pals cruising with this 27” cruiser deck by Bureo made from recycled fishing nets reclaimed from fishing communities in Chile, keeping trash out of the ocean.

Niche Snowboards,  $519.00

Your favorite shredder back will love hitting the slopes on one of these top line snowboards made from 98% locally sourced environmentally conscious materials. They’re made in a 100% hydro powered factory with zero emissions, to help keep mountains green.

Dixon Earth Golf Balls. Box of a Dozen, $39.96

Give the gift of greener golf with these Dixon golf balls, made with salts – not metals like most golf balls – with an organic covering. Unlike most golf balls, Dixon’s high-performance balls are packaged in 100% recycled materials, and they partner with recycling centers that break down ball contents into sports fields and athletic tracks.


USB Cell Batteries, AA 4-pack, $15.99

Batteries aren’t the most romantic gift, but your techie friend will most definitely get a kick out of these cool rechargeable ones that can be juiced up with nothing more than their USB port. He’ll also love that each battery prevents the purchase of traditional chemical-filled batteries that are toxic and pollute the environment.

Dizaul 5000 mAh Portable Solar Power Bank, $28.99  

Keep them charged on the go under all conditions with this waterproof, USB solar powered battery bank for smartphones and tablets. This compact device has two USB ports and a built in LED flashlight, perfect for staying connected in the remotest locations.

Mohu ReLeaf Indoor HDTV Antennas, $34.99Help your TV-bingeing friends ditch cable for a more eco-friendly alternative: the highly-rated Releaf Antennas will allow them to watch local HDTV for hours on end. Made from super thin post-consumer recycled cardboard and recycled cable TV boxes, these energy-efficient antennas have a 30-mile range and are easy to install.


Paddywax Boheme Candles (Earl Grey & Lavender), $23-$33

Keep your BFF’s self-care top of mind with this earth-friendly Paddywax candle made of soy wax, and hand poured into a crock painted by a person, not a machine. Notes of lavender and lemon gently ascend while merely opening the package; an infusion of bergamot and blue spruce are noticeable after the candle has been lit for several minutes.

Lili Aromatherapy: Botanical Bliss Coconut Milk Bath Tea Bags, $19.99

Give them a reason to slip into a heavenly warm bath saturated with aromatherapy tea bags from Lili Aromatherapy. The exotic blend of oils, coconut milk, and black tea helps detoxify the skin and hopefully, delay skin cell aging.

Crystal Hills: Crystal Moon Goddess Bath Salts, $44

Add some healing to your loved weekly bath ritual with Crystal Hills Crystal Moon Goddess Bath Salts made with an organic immersion of jasmine and elderflower in mineral-laden dead sea salts. On top of the dead sea salts’ deeply healing properties, these salts contain special quartz crystals prized by healers and thought to draw out negative energy from the body. These soothing salts also contain essential oils, leaving a silky feeling that lasts. Best of all, eight percent of all sales are donated to charity.

Crystal Hills: Crystal Harmony Sugar Scrub, $55

Keep the good vibes going with Crystal Hills Crystal Harmony Sugar Scrub, made with natural emollients that  soften skin and green tea that revitalizes the senses. This scrub is infused with green quartz, which energizing and transform negative mental states into positive, healthy emotions.


Kindred Skincare Co.: Polish Cleanse, $52-$95

Gift the beauty hound on your list with this facial exfoliant by Kindred Skincare Co., rich with an organic blend of oils and butters that vitalize the skin. Made with finely exfoliating fig seeds and spirulina, with minerals that specifically help cultivate nourishment facial skin requires.  

Aphorism: Bright As Day, $79

Keep his or her complexion bright and glowing with Aphorism Bright as Day beauty oil. Perfect as a base layer under sunscreen or makeup – it contains ingredients which act as a natural UV shield – the skin soaks it up in just over a minute.

Vegan Makeup Brush Set from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, $99.00


Help her get ready for her close-up in one of these vegan-friendly makeup brushes by OCC Makeup. None of their products are animal tested or contain animal-derived ingredients, and she’ll love using synthetic brushes – they diffuse makeup more evenly across skin because product doesn’t get trapped in their bristles.


Sustainably Sourced Angora Wool Scarves, $45/each

Keep your loved ones warm and fashionable with a beautiful wool shawl from the fair trade “We Love Bunnies” Womens Handloom Project in Rishikesh, India. The project rescued hundreds of angora rabbits from a failed government scheme involving raising Himalayan Angora rabbits for their wool, leaving thousands of innocent animals at risk for starvation or becoming dinner for the military. The scarf project gave the bunnies new, loving homes with local villagers where they can free-graze in alpine meadows, and are then gently combed for their fur. These luxuriously soft shawls come in a rainbow of natural, plant-based colors that keep the body warm in winter and cool in the summer.100% of all profits go directly to the women weavers, who have no other livelihood. To order, click here.

Marc Skid Underwear, $20-29

Show how much you care to the cool dudes and dudettes on your list with a pair of these comically-named organic cotton underwear made with recycled plastic bottles by Marc Skid. On top of keeping your bum cute in different colors, they donate $4 to a relevant charity according to the color of underwear purchased.

Floral Bodysuit Lingerie, $119.00

Help the lucky lady on your list up her lingerie game with this Azura Bay bodysuit made from a wood pulp and recycled polyester mesh. You can’t go wrong: every piece in their collection is ecofriendly, fair trade, and/or vegan.

Dirtball Eco Active Men’s Sweater, $65.00

Help weary travelers keep on trucking in a sweater or a trucker hat made from 100% recycled materials by Dirtball. The line incorporates plastic water bottles into many of their designs, and uses water based ink and recycled cotton.

BYT White Cropped Moto Jacket, $495.00

The fashionista on your list will let out a gasp when she tries on this biker vest made of upcycled surplus luxury textiles, part of the new BYT XO Barneys New York collection supporting Redress Asia that’s keeping millions of tons of discarded textiles out of the earth’s landfills.

Bhava’s White Aspen Hiker Boot in Ivory, $279.00

Round out the look with these easy to wear Aspen Boots created from vegan and sustainable materials from fair trade brand Bhava Studio.

Bon Label Golden Thread Skirt, $279.00

Help your favorite fashionista hit the town in this dazzling Bon Label mini-skirt crafted from nearly 100% recycled materials. It’s slightly longer than a regular mini for more functional wear, and was made by workers who were treated fairly and equitably.

Matt and Nat Lace up Ankle Boot  $145.00

Pair the mini with these versatile 100% vegan black platform shoes made with recycled plastic bottle lining from Mat and Nat, a brand that’s been committed to veganism and preserving the environment for years.

Tribe of Lambs Jewelry, Rings $15.00 – $72.00

Bring on the bling and gift a real treasure with jewelry from Tribe of Lambs, an eco-conscious brand that believes in more than just making baubles. A certified 501(c)(3), Tribe of Lambs uses 100% of their profits to fund projects empowering the more than 170,000 HIV positive children currently living in India. All of their earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings are made in small batches to ensure quality, some of the bands are classic and clean, others sparkle with the energy of the crystals embedded within.


If none of the gifts on this list spark your fancy, no worries, go ahead and make your own! Join the growing movement of thousands of consumers worldwide to opt-out of holiday over-consumption that can deplete the planet and our pocketbooks. Instead, make your own crafts, decorations, vegan baked goods, or host a swap, craft or cookie-making party with your close circle of friends and family.

Whatever you do for your loved ones this season – whether buying, crafting, or giving them a great big holiday hug – be sure to make it merry.

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