Brown Paper Bag Chic

By Ecouterre

Urban Kraft's line of purses, backpacks, duffels, and wallets look and feel like paper, but they're a far cry from the lunch sacks you toted to school as a child. The apotheosis of the androgynous-minimalist trend, the collection eschews traditional wood pulp for fibers derived from native Japanese flora, including bamboo, the gampi tree, and the mitsumatsa shrub. The result, according to the New York-based firm, is a material that's not only far stronger than conventional paper but weather- and water-resistant, as well. It's even washable, believe it or not.

Aesthetics aside, Urban Kraft underscores the bags' "indestructibility" as their defining feature.

Despite the lightweight construction, each carryall is strong enough to support more than 65 pounds of weight, it claims.

The company also stands by its eco-friendly ethos.



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