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Backpacks for the Homeless

An ethical accessories label in the United Kingdom wants to pilot a program that provides the region’s homeless with sewing and other marketable skills. Making its pitch on Kickstarter, where it raised over £12,000 (nearly $16,000) in seed capital, What Daisy Did is taking preorders for its “Wayfarer” collection, a line of vegan-friendly bags, wallets, and keychains derived from decommissioned military tents and reclaimed tarpaulin. More than 99 percent of the materials, including the 5 percent that wasn’t recycled in some form, have been locally sourced, the firm said. “The creation of these bags has a very small carbon footprint,” What Daisy Did wrote on its campaign page. “Where it has not been possible to source recycled components we have tried to buy locally and have even managed to source our zips from the last remaining zip factory in the U.K.”


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