An Eco-Chic Halloween Costume

By Ecouterre

If there’s one Halloween costume worth losing your head over, it’s this recycled Queen of Hearts getup by Keep Mesquite Beautiful. Constructed by the Texas-based initiative’s fashion committee to fete its annual recycled-fashion show, the Tim Burton-inspired gown comprises a dumpster’s worth of castoffs, including a soda-can crown, landscape-netting sleeves, a trash-bag bodice, and a billboard skirt and train. Dry-cleaning bags, crumpled and splashed with red paint, made do for a wig. Even computer components and drink cartons gained a second lease on life as embellishments.


For the first time in the show’s history, local businesses and community groups, in addition to individuals and students aged 5 and up, are invited to enter a costume in the competition, which takes place October 18. The event kicks off a month of recycling-related activities, culminating in America Recycles Day on November 15.

“Fall is a great time to share our message through activities and events,” says Paige Swiney, executive director of Keep Mesquite Beautiful, in a statement. “We’re so excited about our lineup of events and look forward to great participation from the community.”



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