Agent Provocateur: O’Lover Hats

By Bianca Alexander

[SCENE]: The colorful leaves of autumn twirl playfully to the ground giving way to stark, still branches. The sky takes on a cloudy, snow-like quality; the air, a chill that beckons living things to take cover. 


The time of year when nature loves to make a theatrical entrance.

[ENTER:] O’Lover Hats. Sustainably constructed at Oakland, California’s 25th Street Collective using traditional hand-blocking techniques and luxurious materials like vintage stock beaver felt and soft wool, these durable hats can stand up to winter’s harshest elements (including rain, snow and sleet) and a lifetime of wear.

Designer Elwyn Crawford considers her creations “wearable 3D art” that allows her clients to become “agents of transformation.” 

In this deep purple number with a vintage blouse and bold tomato red lip, I’m doing just that.  Scroll down for a few different ways to make your own dramatic statement.

 Bianca purple olover


 Olover Hats wide car


Olover Golden Box Hat


Agent Provacateur purple olover

Thigh-high vegan boots, Kailia Footwear. Make-up, Zosimos Botanicals in Garnet. 

Photo by Michael Alexander.

O’Lover hats can be custom ordered online, or found at San Francisco’s Metis Makers, an eco-fashion boutique in chic North Beach.  1314 Grant Avenue; (415) 593.5314

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