3D Trick or Treat Eyewear

By Ecouterre

Switching up your bold eyewear choices has never been as easy as with Nasim Sehat’s “Biz Eyes.” The fashionable specs come with a collection of 3D-printed interchangeable parts, letting style mavens customize their look at will. Colorful swirls, geometric shapes and sculptural statements can let the world know how when you’re feeling bold.

The basic Biz Eyes frames come in a sleek transparent resin, with circular lenses. Around each eye opening is a set of locking grooves, that with a twist, can pop Sehat’s wild decorative attachments on and off with the flick of the wrist. The selection of styles are inspired by everyday life and design that Sehat has experienced- the urban metropolis, expressionism, minimalism, music, culture and the like.

With 3D printing, Sehat was able to output these inspirations into shape and form, using an array of colors in durable plastic. Biz Eyes come in to collections: the vibrant colors of the Genesis Collection, and the muted, minimalist geometry of Cream on Chrome Collection.

The Genesis collection is where bright pink meets hot turquoise, in squiggles, spikes, and abstracted circle shapes. The Cream on Chrome Collection calls to mind art movements like Bauhaus and Minimalism. Clad in just black and cream. The screw-on pieces retrace artistic shapes and designs.

The lightweight 3D-printed designs were meant to take eye wear out of the realm of function, and into the world of jewelry, used to make bold fashion statements.




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