WATCH: 1,000 Goddesses 10/22 Promo

Come help us bring the Divine Feminine back to the planet! Join us this Saturday, October 22 on the National Mall’s Constitution Gardens to usher in the golden era of peace, love and justice. Watch this promo for more information, or register for the event here.


The purpose of the 1000 Goddesses Gathering is to bring forth the Divine Feminine (feminine spiritual energies, wisdom and compassion) to help us heal our beleaguered world. There have been so many ecumenical events focused on the Great Father and this event is not to deny the role of the masculine aspect of the Great Mystery. The overarching goal of this Gathering is to offer an event embracing the Divine Feminine energies from different belief systems to bring Wisdom and Compassion and a Healing presence into the capital city of the most powerful nation on Earth.

This Wisdom and Compassion Gathering is founded on the ancient tradition of Wisdom Gatherings where elders come together around Sacred Fire in council to teach, tell stories, tune into the wisdom of the fire and maintain peace and balance in their village.

Founder of the event, Gaia Mystic and award-winning author, Mare Cromwell, initially received the Spiritual Call from Earth Mother to organize this event late in the fall of 2015. The original plan was for a large event to take place in 2017 at a rural retreat center in Maryland. However Earth Mother woke Mare up at 5am in late July and informed her that the event needs to happen in Washington. D.C., before the elections this fall.

We will have a lot of fun, share, dance, drum, keen, eat chocolate (please bring chocolate to share!), and plant seeds for the beautiful future we wish to call in during these interesting and challenging times.

Come join us for this sacred event!


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