The Sacred Wisdom of Mother Nature

When I first came to Lake Tahoe in the later part of 1999, the first and most obvious draw to my attention, apart from the hunky new-to-me, six foot six, American giant of a man who’d bought me here, was the awe-inspiring, ridiculous aqua blue of this ginormous lake. Only the Sacred Wisdom of Mother Nature could create something THAT big, THAT blue and truly THAT fabulous. And it was that blue, with the fresh mountain air of 6,200 feet combined with an infinite number of pine trees oxygenating my entire field and the stunning vastness of the nearly always, also blue, skies above, that made the SacredSelf living inside my heart, swoon with unbridled joy. Yes, this place was not just special, it had a profound sense of Mother Nature magic.

And this girl from way down-under had finally popped through a portal and into her spiritual home. She would be my teacher and I would be Her eager child will to learn.

Now… having lived in this magical, mystical wonderland for a good chunk of the past sixteen years I have learned so, so much from Her and her ways, from stillness to dynamism and back again. This lake speaks Her own language. Yes, I experience Lake Tahoe as a kind of She too, a very strong She who, like most powerful women, can be fierce and unrelenting one day, soft and gracious the next. And, that her body is a huge container of fluid, fluid that I suspect holds the life-giving secrets to our survival, just means she is a very wise, old woman of a She – a Crone in the greatest, most respected, sense of the word. She has much to tell, and we have much to learn from Her telling.
As with all things to do with the Sacred, we must stop and be still, and listen and, although every day is a good day for that, Mother Nature in Tahoe has Her own unique kind of magic to it when you do. So I’ll often sit at the end of our pier, just listening, and not just with my ears, but with my whole body and all of my senses. In the mornings Her mood tells me, not just what to expect of our weather system for the rest of the day, but what to expect of my own inner resources too. And then in the evenings She gives me an update – on both my inner and outer worlds. But I am most in AWE during the waxing, full and waning moon cycle. This is when She mirrors the majesty of our Grandmama Luna in the sky with Her shimmering sparkles of intimate love – as if the pair of them are having a glass of wine together and sharing a good story about the kind of love that truly does live forever. And then, as the moon hides Her from us  for a few days, she goes into her own Underworld of darkness, just as women do also, every month. It’s a beautiful monthly reminder that we must all go inside for release and renewal in a regular and cyclical way… even our Grandmama Luna in the sky and our Lady the Lake.
One of my favorite things to do in this town is to hike through the snow up the top of a hill from where you can see our Lady the Lake… and then to just sit, or simply be still, and listen. In the woods, especially right after a snow fall, the silence is so potent that it is loud. It is here that you viscerally come into contact with Shiva, God of Pure Awareness himself, and He who holds the space for Mother Nature in which to Rise. Yes, Shakti is Mother Nature in the form of Power, Energy and Creation itself, and She arises from within His vast, open, silent container of everythingness. From seasonal whether to emotional highs and lows, from trees and rivers and lakes to Bear and Coyote and Raccoon. Yes Shiva and Shakti live in these here mountains too and when you tune into both qualities that lay at the heart of Consciousness, you tune into both that which is Awareness and that which is Love… Inseparable in every way, both dancing as the Sacred love story around you, as well as within and AS you. Yes I find Tahoe a magical place for experiencing this mystical life.
For me, I know I am whole complete and perfect, just the way I am, AND that I have to remind myself of this SacredTruth ALL the time. This lake and these mountains remind me that I am a part of their cycle, and that I have the capacity for pure, wide awake Awareness and deep unbridled, blissful LOVE. So when our Lady the Lake creates waves so huge that surfers dust off their boards, suit up and ride her mood, I perceive it as us receiving her message to play – no matter what our perception of the situation may be. When her water levels sink lower and lower, I hear her telling us to respect our supply of life’s nectar – no matter how abundant we may feel. When She rages as wild forest fires threatening my people and our homes, I feel the shake of her pointy finger insisting we wake up to the True process of what transformation really entails – no matter how frightening it may seem, She is asking us to Trust that Dissolution is every bit a part of life, as is Creation. And when she’s so calm and still for days on end, I am again reminded that from stillness and rest comes the Truth of where we’re at in life – wherever that may be.
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Yes, the Sacred Wisdom of Mother Nature speaks in infinitely mystical ways, always cyclical, always changing. So it matters not what time of year you come here. For me it’s in the introverted mysticism of the off season that the silence is most potent and the Love story most intimate, and it’s when summer and winter are in full swing, that she lets the magic of her extroversion loose and kicks you out of her fertile womb and loving embrace, to see what you know. Yes, like all good mothers, she gives it all, from sunshine and droughts to wind, rain and snow, and then she takes it all away… just to teach you who you really are and why you’re really here…. and to remind you who’s boss. So lest we not forget the multi layered teaching and Sacred Wisdom of Mother Nature and, as well, the unwavering stamina of the Divine Masculine, our ground of all Being, and that which holds it All.
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