The Return of Alchemy

By Illup Gravengaard & Emma Juniper for I AM

Alchemy is an ancient spiritual science that is part of the Hermetic tradition passed down from the Egyptian Thoth, or as the Romans called him, Hermes Trismagistus. It is considered to be a ‘royal art’ which transforms the ‘gross’ into the ‘perfect/refined’ through the ‘Great Work’, which results in the ‘philosopher’s elixir.’

In recent years, Alchemy has experienced a recent renewal and rising back toward the mainstream after having been mostly underground and well guarded by unbroken Hermetic lineages & Mystery School traditions since before the times of King Solomon.Widespread immediate access to information is one of the facets of the Aquarian Age that we’ve crossed into over the past few decades; The focus is no longer on attaining information (Piscean) but on how we embody and utilize it. It is a time of revealing secrets, opening all wisdoms to all beings, and can also often lead to the information overload that requires us to sharpen our senses and intuition.

In the last few years in particular we’ve witnessed many companies and events adding Alchemy to their name and ormus (we’ll explain in a future blog) becoming a ‘buzz’ word, a new trend ingredient in the health-conscious & spiritual communities.
Alchemy isn’t a hobby or profession per se, but a spiritual practice and Way of Being, Way of Engaging Life – whether in the physical laboratory or your inner psyche.

The Magic of Alchemy:

The Philosopher’s Stone is a legendary elixir claimed to transmute base metals into gold, rejuvenate the body and instill immortality. To master and attain the creation of this elixir is the ultimate Great Work of an Alchemist, all learning and transformation is moving towards that ultimate result. To turn lead into gold, and the density in your being transmuted into light of being.

Similar to other magical arts, through observation and study, the alchemist harnesses the natural forces at play in the world; witnessing the cause-effect of substance, elements, energy and the infinite influences on human behavior. Some of the important ways alchemists align with the natural forces of the cosmos is through numerology, symbology, moon/sun/planetary cycles, the rhythms of the seasons and the power of the elements. An example would be the seven classical planets representing stages of spiritual practice each aligned with a base metal (lead, tin, iron, copper, mercury, silver, gold) along with resonating at the seven chakra points. Thus one might alchemize on Friday (Venus-Day) if you are intending to create an elixir that enhances love & activates the heart chakra.

With this cosmic rhythm alignment, knowledge of relating forces, the intuitive perfect timing, and assembled resources, the alchemist executes, moving towards their intended result. If the alchemists intentions are pure, the resources and forces of nature combined with their magical touch, create miracles, large and small.

Life of an Alchemist:

Becoming an alchemist doesn’t just happen one day, or through one class. It is a journey, not an end. It’s a conscious choice to live a life of refinement and transformation, transmutation, purification, elevation, and service.

The study of alchemy asks of you to cultivate a trained and focused mind, creative intuition, and a calm, open heart. The general process includes an intention, a desired outcome, and a vision. Together this informs the next stage of gathering the knowledge, tools, and resources to fulfill your strategy once the perfect timing arises.

An alchemist is likely familiar with and utilizes a few or all of the following: Love, Numerology, Astrology, Energy vortices, Dream state awareness, Multiple dimensions, Herbalism, Gemstones, Variety of spiritual teachings and meditations, Soundhealing & Frequencies, Sacred geometry, Color therapy, Shamanism, Energies of the elements and directions.

An alchemist’s toolbox may include such items as metals, gemstones, organic materials, solar sea salts, herbs, money, sacred geometry, activating images, multitude of various sized bottles, funnels, tincture bottles, labeling capacity (to keep track of astrological alignments/timings), instruments such as pH meters, high frequency music, various water sources (spring, distilled, etc.), pyramids and other energy-focusing, activating devices.

For example, in our creations we create our gem essences during the 3 days before the full moon, activate our brews with sacred geometry and ascended master imagery, utilize the 432hz cosmic heart opening frequency tuning fork, meditate with the elixirs as they’re surrounded by gemstones in a copper pyramid, align their creation on the day of the planet’s energy we are infusing, and much more. Discover the I AM Chakra Mists, alchemized using these high-frequency technologies.

To be an evolving master of alchemy is to be on a path of extending your soul/spirit into new realms of awareness and affecting the physical world. To create something of material and vibration that can elevate a being to a higher level of existence. To bring into the world an elixir (or other material-world object) that affects a person’s energy and auric field; that is energetically charged/programmed for specific result of experience beyond the physical body.

Dive into our offerings of the heart to get a better feel for the great level these techniques may be utilized, harmonized, and ultimately synergized to the highest serving upliftment mind, body, and soul. Also, if you would love to get hands on a guided start into this new world of wellness & wonderment, you may sign up for our 3 elixir alchemy online classes.

“You are an alchemist, make gold of that!” ~ William Shakespeare

The alchemy journey is an ever ascending spiral lifting the alchemist to his/her next level of most full creative expression of thriving life…ecstatic existence. We welcome You with Love!


About I AM:

Our vision is to merge the knowledge of centuries of spiritual and natural wisdom with modern science to create the highest vibrational lifestyle products and build a greater platform for sharing transformational content and shifting the collective consciousness of the planet.






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