Shaving With Benefits

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By Bianca Alexander
I discovered Shave With Benefits when shopping for my husband Michael, and in a pinch one day in the shower, decided to use it instead of my normal soap and water. Though I thought this product was designed for a man, the eye-opening aromatherapeutic scents like tingly Eucalyptus + Mint, soothing Bergamot and Pink Grapefruit, and refreshing Pomegranate + Mango tantalized my nose and calmed my nerves.

Most important, the thick, creamy lather wicked even the tiniest hairs off my legs. Though shaving can sometimes be optional for Bohemian-yogi-India.Arie types, Shave With Benefits actually makes me want to pull out a razor and do some damage. Best of all, Michael tends to rub my legs a lot more after I use it. And I like that.”

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