How to Create More Intimacy

By Pam Levin

What do women want more than sex? Seriously? Did I hear someone whisper chocolate? What about wine? Heck, did I hear a shout out for ice cream with a peanut butter brownie, caramel topping and whipped cream? Wrong. Wrong and wrong again.

Women like sex. We ARE sexual beings. But we are SENSUAL beings too. We were born to entice, engage, seduce, and endear in preparation to produce offspring. Yep. Thats our biology and physiology. Lets face it, we were physically structured to procreate and that primordial instinct still resides within all of us, some more than others.

But we have evolved. Sure, we enjoy sex but we like it even more when we can get INto the brain, heart and soul of our partner… Its called INtimacy. We may not always say it, but we really want it. Listen up ….

You may have heard the metaphor “a woman is like an iron”…it takes a while for her to “warm up” sexually. Well, there’s a good reason for that. We are searching for INtimacy before, during and after sex. During that warming up phase, its the INtimacy part (are you paying attention?), that really helps us to connect with our partner…gets us even more excited and drives our libido to the edge of outer space.

And during lovemaking or sex, the INtimacy of it all can really be a bonding factor because for that time (while the oxytocin and dopamine hormones are flowing through our body) we FEEL especially emotionally close to our partner.

The affection, warmth and deep attachment women feel during INtimacy is something we crave especially when we are with someone we care for deeply. We are emotional beings–heck, you already knew that–so if you really want to connect with your gal and please her in more ways than physically, its essential that you Practice the Art of IntimacyMel Schwartz, a psychotherapist, and visionary thinker in the area of relationships even wrote a book about this. Its a HOT topic because it can surely warm up your gal during your entire lovemaking and/or sexual time together.

So whats the bigger picture of the IN of INtimacy? Being INto your gal means being INvolved with her not only sexually but sensually, energetically, and emotionally. A tough bill to fill if you are really just INto her for the pure sexual satisfaction. Not saying you can’t experience intimacy during pure sex, but holy moly, its hundreds of times more explosion when you and she are really into each other–passionately, compassionately and lovingly.

The IN of INtimacy is a beautiful thing. Ladies, encourage your partner to get close, express feelings. LISTEN when she hints for that extra cuddle, tender kiss or whispers of endearment. The more you both open up to each other, the more intimate the moments. Surrender to these moments. Be vulnerable in your nakedness. Get into INtimacy.



About the Author:

Pamela Levin is founder and President of Create Amazing Health, LLC and the self branded website . She turns health upside down and on its side by fusing ancient holistic wellness disciplines with cutting edge health ideas. Her academic education includes schooling in engineering and business (MBA-University of Michigan) with additional training from the Deepak Chopra Center in Perfect Health. Her mission is to help others understand and participate in the changing paradigm of health and wellness. She is a thought leader, Huffington Post blogger, motivational speaker and catalyst for health change, determined to inspire others and make (being) healthy FUN! Connect with Pam on Facebook, Twitter, or Soundcloud.

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