Finding Your Soul Voice

Participants in a Soul Voice Workshop

Speech is the mirror of the soul; as a man speaks, so he is.
–Publilius Syrus

The power of speech is one of the most important human gifts. When we are in conscious alignment with our highest selves, our voices hum rhythmically, allowing us to communicate positively with others, share love and wisdom, and celebrate in song. When out of alignment, our voices can become hoarse and stunted; our speech, negative and life-taking.

Today, much of the world‚Äôs communication takes place virtually, without verbalized speech. We send computer generated greeting cards, and e-mails and texts to say ‚ÄúI love you‚Äù. Personality-driven social media often serves as a substitute for heart to heart, person to person communication.  As such, it can be easy to lose touch with our authentic voice, and consequently, our truest selves.

The Fifth Chakra
According to many holistic healing practitioners, our voices correspond with the fifth chakra, or energy body. First identified by the tantric and yogic traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism, our chakras are the seven power points of life force, vertically aligned in the center of the body close to the spine. These power points–Sanskrit for ‚Äúwheels of light‚Äù–circulate energy, or life force known as prana. Although the chakras correspond to vital points in our physical bodies, their location, as well as the energy they circulate, are too subtle to be identified through autopsy.  
Located at the throat, the fifth chakra correlates with inner creativity, self-expression and the voice. Associated with the thyroid gland, upper lungs and respiratory system, the throat chakra helps us speak clearly,  communicate our thoughts and feelings, and manifest our innermost truth. The balance of this chakra can affect speaking and listening, as well as teaching and learning. When the throat chakra is out of balance, the following manifestations are common:
‚Ä¢    Difficulty expressing oneself
‚Ä¢    Poor learning ability
‚Ä¢    Habitual lying
‚Ä¢    Fear, doubt and uncertainty

Sound Healing
Given the negative impact an imbalance in the fifth chaka can have on our everyday functionality, it’s no wonder many holistic practitioners focus their healing modalities on bringing it into alignment.

One of the most popular techniques is sound therapy. According to internationally renowned coach and master sound healer Karina Schelde, the frequency of sound has the power to permeate the DNA cellular structure of our being, and can penetrate through lower frequencies, including limited thought patterns and negative habits. Sound can clear energy centers, reduce depression and anxiety, and facilitate deep relaxation. As such, it can be an effective complementary therapy for those on the road to emotional healing and spiritual transformation.

Finding Your Soul Voice
Through her sound healing work, which she refers to as the Soul Voice‚Ñ¢ method, Schelde helps her clients free themselves from emotional blockages by learning how to express through their unique, innate voice.  At her workshops held across the world with dozens of other licensed Soul Voice‚Ñ¢ practitioners, she holds a sacred space for attendees, inviting them to deeply experience their own vulnerability, open up their voices and communicate creatively from the heart.

Schelde’s career as a sound healer began as a performer. After studying for years with classically trained opera singers who did not teach her how to access her soul during performances, she steadily grew self-conscious about her voice. Eventually, her preoccupation with hitting the “right” notes did more damage than good. “I had stuffed so much inadequacy in my voice, to the very core of my being, and was afraid of not doing it right”, says Schelde.

This experience sent her on a twenty-five year journey of self-discovery including the study of natural medicine, shamanic journeys, and therapeutic sound healings. Through pivotal inner work, she was able to access her spontaneous voice, and express suppressed sound and emotions.  She practiced singing on and off the scale, focusing not only on the notes she sang, but what was behind her voice‚Äîher feelings, her intentions, and her presence. It was then that she learned to surrender to the inner knowingness of what her voice naturally wanted to express, and found her true calling as a sound healer, which she views as her service to humanity.

During her workshops, Schedule, who is based in Aoetearoa, New Zealand, welcomes attendees from all walks of life to immerse themselves in a journey of continuously deepening healing, play and authentic expression. For those who are interested in attending one of her sessions, she invites them to ‚ÄúDive deeper into the voice you may have forgotten but your soul remembers. Become a vibrational instrument and feel the joys of free expression‚Äù.  For more information on Karina Schelde, or to attend one of her upcoming Soul Voice workshops around the world, visit  


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